MTV Multiplayer: 'The Fight: Lights Out' Review - A Moving Target

Fighting games have been around for ages, but it was really Capcom's "Street Fighter 2" that brought head-to-head, one-on-one brawling to the masses, and since then very little has actually changed in the genre outside of the advent of 3D. Great games have come and gone, but it's a style of game that doesn't thrive on innovation.

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macusa222898d ago

This is a great game! My mom like it for the work out aspect and so did my wife. They enjoyed the heavy bag. As for me, the speed bag and heavy bag are great work out and the multiplayer is really fun to play. I like how they built in in a skill tree format. The single player is fun and will get u used to the controls. I recommend that you purchase this game or even rent it, it is fun and is a great work out