GameSlave: Fable III Review

GS: "I'm used to being disappointed by Peter Molyneux. As developers go, while he's undoubtedly a genius, he's also known for... stretching the truth somewhat. He did it with Fable, he did it again in Fable 2, and unfortunately he's done it with Fable 3 as well."

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BeOneWithTheGun2897d ago

Peter just talked too much. Ego got in his way and when you do that and cannot produce an end result that resonates with your customers you are literally a failure. Horrible combat, repetitive character models and the same lame ways to churn out cash. I was hoping for this new Fable, taking from the 1st and really throwing a great story and model at players. Nope. Played for a few hours and sold it.

In this day and age, its wise to just bring your A-game and keep the mouth shut. The market is saturated with products and gamers have the ability to nit-pick and dissect a devs work to death.

Some do it to be anal and narcissistic, however, most do it because we are spending our hard earned money on something and are not forced to just pick up the one release that came out this quarter. I admit it; I expect a game to have addictive game play, stunning visuals OR art design and to play out a story for me that was not picked up off the editing floor at TBS.

It can be done. Look at Demon's Souls. No one heard a darn thing about it and WHAM, it took RPG gamers by storm and sucked thousands of collective hours out of us. It had legs, a decent story and the game play was awesome. Great set pieces and ambiance.

Sorry for the speech but I purchased a 360 slim a few months ago for 3 reasons. Halo Reach, Fable 3 and Gears 3. Halo was pretty good. Fable 3 sucked and I have to wait a year to play Gears. Kinda bummed, really.