How To Make Video Game Movies Not Suck

Popular video games have now been adapted to film for several decades in Hollywood. In all that time, one truth has remained constant – video game adaptations suck.

Aside from a precious few beacons of non-mediocrity, these projects crash and burn. They occasionally make decent money, but they almost never satisfy gamers or the casual audiences who plunk down their hard-earned money.

Having subjected themselves to many such films, IGN has to ask – does this always have to be the case? Why can't video game adaptations aim higher?

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awiseman2950d ago

hope its an adaptation of the fall of reach that book was awsome

psman0122950d ago

This is something I have never understood... WHY DO video game movies ALWAYS suck??

Quagmire2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Imo, film-makers often choose games which are visually appealing and have intense action sequences. These work well in terms of gaming, but for movies, it feels broken. Films need stories, and often, they half-ass the story just to include wacky action scenes, and then the film turns into a mass.

What film-makers should do instead is make films on games which have really strong narratives, characters and dialogues, which can be translated almost seamlessly to cinema, games such as Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, Mafia, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect etc. If the film works on story and dialogue and character alone, then the action sequences can be included as icing on the cake, and not the other way around.