IGN: Call of Duty: Black Ops Wii Review

The multiplayer and single-player are solid on Wii, but the lack of zombie content is a real bummer. Having only one map feels like a disservice to fans. Black Ops on Wii is a solid offering that fans of the series with no other console options will enjoy.

Presentation - 9.0
Graphics - 7.0
Sound - 8.0
Gameplay - 7.5
Lasting Appeal - 7.5

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Tikicobra2924d ago

This game is on the Wii?

Corepred42924d ago

i like your avatar. that game is fun!

Tikicobra2924d ago

Thank you. And I agree.

Chubear2924d ago

Reviews for Wii games are wayyyy too easy on wii titles.

AEtherbane2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Wii reviews on big name games are typically are WAY harsher.

dangert122924d ago

i agree with chubear
it can do anything the ps2 and ps1 and gamecube dreamcast and n64 but id rather play those other platforms games then whats on the wii except the odd title here and there

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EvilTwin2924d ago

This review is kinda weird. The author, Nate Ahearn, also wrote the 360 review, and just added in some Wii-specific points.
(I think there's a few errors, too: isn't the player limit 10 on Wii, not 12? With no clan tags on the weapons?)

Fair points on the missing Easter eggs and zombie maps. But no mention of voice chat or the streamlined friend code system? Overall, considering the hit in visuals and some missing content, knocking a point off the 360 score seems...defensible, I suppose.

But then it leads to the question of comparing Black Ops to Wii-only FPS (since this review is obviously geared toward comparing it to the 360/PS3 versions). COD:BO has gotta be the most robust online offering available so far on the system. And...well, just look at what some other Wii FPS games (that have far fewer features and far more bugs) scored. IGN rated [email protected] on Wii an 8.0, and this game has a LOT more content than that game.

tunaks12924d ago

ign's wii cod reviews are always a little iffy,
bozon praised [email protected] then destroyed Reflex even though Reflex was a step up. The problem is theres probibly no one to really care enough to evaluate the game seriously. I've already got GoldenEye, and now I'm really thinking about holding off the Pc version of BO to show support for Treyarch's wii dev team.

Mahr2924d ago

"ign's reviews are always extremely iffy"

Fixed that for you.

EvilTwin2924d ago

Yeah...not to be too harsh (he seems like a good dude), but Bozon's Reflex review was a joke. He complained about MWR's cursor having problems...then you watch the video review, and see that he has the sensitivity turned the WHOLE WAY UP. Of course it felt jittery. He treated the control customization as if it were exactly like Conduit's, but it wasn't. COD's sensitivity settings seem to have a higher ceiling than HVS's (for better or worse; I'm not sure which is better, tbh).

I understand if IGN wants to keep the same reviewer working on different versions of the same game for the sake of consistency...but this review seems rushed. It's just copy/paste from the 360 review with a few parts about Wii thrown in (and not mentioning that no other Wii game even comes close to trying all of the stuff that Black Ops does). And he barely even mentions the pointer controls. The whole point for Wii is "do the controls make up for the visuals?" I think that's a big fat YES, but he didn't even use IR.

Mahr2924d ago

"I think that's a big fat YES, but he didn't even use IR."

To be fair, this is not a problem specific to Iggins Reviewers. Goldeneye was a real eye-opener about just how little experience reviewers actually have with IR controls in FPSes. 'Don't bother with the pointer, just stick to good old dual analog!'

dkgshiz2924d ago

Who in gods name would get this for the wii?

GFahim2924d ago

those who only own a wii? duh!

Darkfocus2924d ago

those that only own a wii probably aren't the type of people that play COD not that that's a bad thing...

tunaks12924d ago

Let me guess you're gonna play it on the ps3 or 360 instead? If you cared about graphics that much you would get the pc version.


Crusade2924d ago

Actually, the PC version of the game has problems, graphically. So the "wii graphics are fine because the pc has the best graphics" argument won't apply here.

tunaks12923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

the pc version runs at a higher resolution and has better controls, so there really is no argument.

Shoko2924d ago

I would. IR shits on DA.

KotC2924d ago

I own a Wii and CoD games are kinda fun on the Wii.

AEtherbane2924d ago

there are going to better shooters on the wii than cod. I own a wii, and by all means i love Wii shooters, but i will never get a cross platform shooter on the wii, without a doubt they are half-ass what the HD versions are.
Conduit 2, Golden eye on the other-hand are what i look for.

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pepsilover_20072924d ago

well ign has screwed yet another cod game with an unfair review

Dave13512924d ago

lol they made this game for wii? wii should just stick to mario games XD

tunaks12924d ago

I know what was the wii thinking? It shouln't have put the disk in its self.

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