Hang On, This Looks Familiar - The Annoying Art That is Backtracking

Game Podunker DanCurtis writes, "Ever heard the phrase 'One Step Forward, Two Steps Back'? That's basically what you are doing if you're forced to backtrack in a game. Its hard to feel any sense of progression if you are constantly traversing between the same areas. You've probably all experienced this at some point - after traversing a place and finding an item you will then find yourself instead of finding a handily placed cavern exit going back the way you came, seeing the same things, fighting the same enemies and feeling as if you've already just done this bit. The funny thing is, you have just done this bit. The game developers are just extending their game a little more by forcing you to go back to where you've just been. To me, this seems like a sloppy way to design levels and takes away the sense of progression a gamer should feel as a game goes on..."

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