NHL GameCenter Live Impressions (PlayStation Network)- Gameplaybook

NHL GameCenter Live has gone live for PSN subscribers everywhere, but is this semi-expensive streaming service worth dropping the puck for? Check out Gameplaybook's exclusive impressions!

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Buff10442900d ago

Eh, should have just been ESPN like on Xbox Live

Dlacy13g2900d ago

I love my hockey, dont get me wrong...but I also know hockey isn't exactly the "big" sport these days. Additionally, its kinda crap that they stated if you had PSN+ you got it free...when in reality its just the app that is free. If you want to watch any kind of full hockey game you need to pony up extra cash.

No thanks...I will stick to my cable provider for my local team coverage.

Godmars2902900d ago

I think that exclusivity contract, which proabbly only mentions the PS3, would cause a problem.

TheDCD2900d ago

Yeah, I wish hockey was more popular. But this certainly beats nothing...and beats a cricket channel, at that. :P

golsilva2900d ago

hopefully a nba app is on the way. thats the one i would be the most excited for

olLANDSHARKlo2900d ago

Can't get into NBA, it's so boring and scores like 112-98, same thing over and over. The rims 10 feet tall and the players are pushing 7 foot, what talent, NOT. I would rather watch paint dry than the NBA.

Canas20102900d ago

So what sport would you want?
Baseball-Super Slow
Soccer-awesome but not mainstream in the States
The NBA is more exciting than you think.

gdguide2900d ago

But ESPN isn't getting any game you want. While I love ESPN, you're missing games from every sport. It's got good content, but it's limited. This NHL service is awesome if you care about a specific team and don't get to watch them on TV. I see maybe 5 Pittsburgh games a year. Now I can watch as many as I want. Huge difference. I can make sure I see every Crosby vs Ovechkin matchup.

I would much rather PSN build up content like this than picking a few channels that show a bit of everything.

olLANDSHARKlo2900d ago

ESPN on the 360 is ok, but has some strange stuff on it. I like the soccer on it, seems to be quite alot of it. But yes I like PS3 approach with the MLB TV and NHL gamecenter.

Paradise Lost2900d ago

I love the gamecenter app on the ps3, makes it great to check out the results of a game, thing is gamecenter itself is abit pricey, but im going to save up and buy myself a subscription and most probably cancel my cable provider lol since almost everything i watch nowadays is either on my pc,360 and ps3.