Cuba Rages Over 'Call of Duty'

"Cuba condemns a new video game, where U.S. special forces must try to liquidate the revolutionary hero Fidel Castro.

Cuban state media believe that the video game "Call of Duty: Black Ops' trying to 'legitimize murder and attacks in the entertainment name'..."

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saint_john_paul_ii3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

LOL i think we all expected this to happen when we saw the trophies/achievements leaked the part were you're suppose to assassinate him.

When in Fact, ***SPOILER ALLERT*** He Cheats Death Anyway LOLOLOLOL

I guest that Black Ops trailer was right, A lie is a lie.

Nitrowolf23835d ago

Hey if America can complain about it being Okay to play as American Soldier killing other but not okay to play as other Killing Americans then why not right? Just saying

AtatakaiSamurai3835d ago

yup, better not see anyone from the US crying when a game comes out about trying to assassinate an American President.

Fan Tastic3835d ago

Cuba can suck my coke laced grapes.

Varodor3835d ago

in next cod we will assassinate Putin))

Calm Down Sunshine3835d ago

They can try...
It'll take more than bullets, missiles & explosives to kill that man.

Motorola3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

But the game makes him look SMART because he has the double....He should feel good

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badz1493835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

there's so many dumbsters commenting already! freedom of speech? yeah, keep it to yourself and to your country! No matter how crazy Castro is, maybe his country is not labeling him the same as other countries calling him! why stick your nose in other country's business? is it ok for a game to have a mission killing your president? if any company ever tries to do that, I'm pretty sure it will get shut down the next day! freedom of speech when it only suits yourself ha?

madjedi3835d ago

Yes and in some countries china for instance, saying anything bad about the government usually results in a prison sentence, if not worse.

Well when cuba modernises itself and has video game developers they can make codbo clone where you kill l.b. johnson. Till then stop whining over a video game, if it isn't big brother government closing the studio down the relevancy is what again?

"why stick your nose in other country's business?" Gee i don't know to make sure the people in power, aren't committing genocide, violating human rights, like china does daily dumbass and a whole other list of reasons.

Funny you think your right or excluded from being a dumbster(whatever the hell that means), because your opinion is the opposite of their's.

What you are is simple, just another asshole voicing his opinion, like me and everyone else on this page did, like in every article on here.

tacosRcool3834d ago

Their just jealous that they cannot make any good games!

awiseman3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

didnt hitler say the same about cod 1-3?

toaster3835d ago

Germany losing WWII? He did Nazi that coming.

spicelicka3835d ago

lollllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllll

HolyOrangeCows3835d ago

Hitler offered Mussolini part of the newly acquired land.
"Grazie, Nazi"

Lovable3835d ago

I love how they use the word liquidate. Lmao


lol, spy talk for "Merc-off"...

rezzah3835d ago

Easy to make fun of something else when you have no relations to it.

If you are american, I wonder if you said the same about america during the bs about killing "american" solders.

TrollFace3835d ago

cool story bro

u mad Cuba?

rezzah3835d ago

ignorance is bliss. nice responce btw, i can tell youre very smart.

U mad cuba?

See, I can do it to.

nevimkdojsem23835d ago

comparing american soldiers with disgusting repressive dictator ruining a whole country and depriving milions of basic human rights. As someone who grew up in a communist country I'd have welcomed any American (or alien from space) to kill every single communist that hold the regime alive. I hope that Castro lives long enough to be publicly executed by Cubans like Ceaucescu in Romania in 1989.

Dave13513835d ago

screw cuba! hell id go to actual war to kill 1 or 2

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Da_Evil_Monkey3834d ago

typical propaganda induced bullcrap. The idea of communism is nothing to do with a dictatorship. It is just easily turned into one. For example the USSR was meant to be communist, however when Stalin came to power he became a dictator, and the USSR was not longer communist, even though it was still called communist. Communism looks good on paper, but when put into practice it fails due to human nature. Someone always wants to control everything.

Bathyj3835d ago

Jesus tapdancing Christ.

It seems you cant kill anyone these days without them getting all upset over it.

skip2mylou3835d ago

yup and fox didnt take too long to report this on their website

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