Amazon partially reveals the Playstation Store update for November 16th

Amazon has revealed several new contents, including the first Devil May Cry 4 Playstation Network avatar, that will be in the Playstation Store update next week.

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MaideninBlack2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Why bother with a DMC4 avatar now Crapcom?
Edit: Ick! And of Kyrie of all ppl.

NovusTerminus2987d ago

It is not all of the content. Maybe Dante, Nero and crew are getting one as well.

MaideninBlack2987d ago

That's true. I'll take Dante, if so.

FACTUAL evidence2986d ago

Capcom is the only company really supporting the whole avi thing with PSN. If it weren't for them everyone would be a sack boy, or an uncharted hero right now. Sill in all, even capcom get's lame when they kept releasing SF4 avi's....I swear we need everyone from tekken 6's avis, FF13, Some bioshock, COD, and fallout avatars.

The Hunter2987d ago

Where is Dead Nation???? *sigh*

Hazmat132987d ago

if they had KH avatars i would so pick roxses did i spell it right?lol oh also i want CRYSIS2 DEMO!!!!

Tuxedo_Mask2987d ago


Why does Capcom release any of the avatars they do on the PSN? Not that I don't like a broader choice from the default avatars, mine is Jon Talbain from Darkstalkers, but why release these avatars when they have "no plans" for a new game in the series or are taking the series in a new direction like DMC. I suppose you could say they're for nostalgia sake, but if they don't think Darkstalkers or DMC are popular why bother with the avatars?

Umbrella Corp2987d ago

No for extra money in thier pockets,they dont care about the games we like just the money,well thats how its looked like lately with Resident Evil 5 the SURVIVAL HORROR game and the direction of DMC.

Tuxedo_Mask2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I agree, after playing the demo of RE5 before it came out, I knew it wasn't in the same style as what I had grown to expect from RE. I thought Outbreak was really good, and it was refreshing to have companions to help you and to add challenge by needing to be looked after. I also liked how their AI made them seem frantic, but still seek a way to escape or help out when they could, at least in my experience. Were there snags that made them annoying at times? Yes, but they could take care of themselves or even not make it and you still could get through the game. Not to mention the fact that there were actual zombies in the game. Outbreak was the last RE I bought and it will be my final RE unless they move back to a more classic style. I'm not against some of the aspects of the new controls 4 and 5 introduced, but zombies and a no co-op required game would be nice. As for DMC, I've never played any of them before, but I've always been somewhat interested in what they were about. Now that Capcom gave the next game in the franchise to NT I'll probably stick to the first four if I get into it. NT's art style just doesn't appeal to me and their way of making games attracts me even less.

showtimefolks2987d ago

to me capcom have really become the money whore of gaming.

and when lost planet 2,dark void failed it brough a smile to my face and than they were like hwo come fans didn't buy those 2 games WELL GUESS WHAT CAPCOM keep releasing more and more games and charge people for on disk dlc just because you can

unless they ever make MEGAMAN X game again i don't really care

blackburn52987d ago

Only partial update. Still time for Dead Nation

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