Call of Duty PC Community on Fire over Black Ops Problems, for Good Reason

BP writes: "No, this is not the Black Ops review. That is in the pipe, and to give Call of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch a fair shot at fixing their game and making it an overall success, the review will be held back until an expected series of patches to correct issues in the game are released."

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GamingForever2897d ago

I hear there's a few glitches... where's the patch!

brandynevils2897d ago

I'm sure its coming, but better get here soon before you piss off your fanbase anymore

Red_Orange_Juice2897d ago

buy consoles and stop whining you PC nerds

SolidStoner2897d ago

@ red orange juice

well on console Black ops is even worse! I want to buy it for my ps3, but I cant, treyarch dont let me buy it, its just full of crap!

HolyOrangeCows2897d ago

Stoop!d monkeys. They need to get their crap together.

shovelface882897d ago

They already have released a patch and are working on further fixes. These things take time. Be less retarded.

Ninja-Sama2897d ago

The sad thing is all this could've been avoided or fixed before launch had they had an open beta. The in-game lag at least which is breaking the game for many PC gamers would have been identified immediately.

They did it for WaW, why not BO? Are their games too good for open betas now that they're the "lead" CoD devs?

RedSky2897d ago

It's pretty clear they don't give a crap about PC gamers. It's a small market for them so they pinch pennies on it.

Simply trying to play this on an averagely speced PC that can play most other games at full HD resolution with most effects turned on flawlessly would have revealed that it chugs and glitches like crazy.

Obviously though, with the biggest franchise out there on their backs, they didn't have the money/manpower to do it.

kevnb2897d ago

well I guess they dont care about anyone but xbox gamers, the ps3 version is garbage. PC gamers are the quickest to complain though, its actually not nearly as big a problem as the bloggers make it seem to be. For example, alot of gamers didnt install the direct x update and had issues related to that.

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CheatsMcGee2897d ago

Sounds like someone dropped the ball somewhere.

brandynevils2897d ago

They already catch so much crap already that making a big slip like this just kills their whatever credibility they have left.

SKGamer2897d ago

You'd think that they'd have learned from MW2's problems last year, but I guess not.

Come on guys. Get with it.

HolyOrangeCows2897d ago

If they don't send out a patch soon, I'll have to report this to the cyber police.

smashly2897d ago

Looks like ill be waiting a bit for this one.

Vortex3D2897d ago

Why is that a surprise? Gamer publishers know even they ship games with full of bugs, gamers will continue to rush to buy the gamers. So why bother to polish the game before shipping if gamers will buy them?

Chnswdchldrn2897d ago

in regards to black ops....

how does one polish a turd?

DarkBlood2897d ago

you dont the turd polishes it self :P

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