Microsoft Kinect Hacked to Run on Mac OS X

Gizmodo:"We've seen the Kinect get hacked already, but we're still tickled by this little mod which allows you to run the Microsoft gadget on Mac OS X. Yes, the idea alone feels oh-so-very-wrong, but how can you resist such fun?"

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iamnsuperman2950d ago

This will make kinect sell more if more software is released. Wonder what people these clever people could do

R2D22950d ago

Kinect Apps incoming.

carreirabr2950d ago

The question is:

How much MS is losing on each Kinect unit sold?

Moentjers2950d ago

they are gaining between 50/60 $ on each one.

carreirabr2950d ago


Are you discounting the US$500,000,000.00 ads?

Moentjers2950d ago

you have a point there.

But that would mean they almost never can make profit on the kinect alone. They would have to take in account the possible gain on extra consoles and software.

And seeing the quality of the titles and the price they're asking, I can see where they hope to milk the crowd.

gamingdroid2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Unlike the console industry, it actually never hurts MS to sell a Kinect unit. It isn't sold at a loss!

The ad cost is fixed regardless of how many people buy it so it is a non-issue.

perfectCarbonara2950d ago

Just a matter of time before Kinect works on the PS3, then maybe I might just consider getting one.

wwm0nkey2950d ago

If you have the PSjailbreak maybe, otherwise I dont think its going to happen, they made the drivers for it on the PC and MAC they didnt actually do anything to the kinect itself.

wissam2950d ago

Even if he has the jailbreak. its something
very far fetched for kinect to work on ps3.

Limmonjjeckson2950d ago

I was wondering if I would have to buy a hole new Xbox to use it..Is the Kinect game specific?

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