MS to use Kinect to personalise content

Microsoft might soon start using its Kinect technology to automatically customise Xbox 360 content depending on who is using the system.

Dennis Durkin of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business told the BMO Capital Markets conference in New York that Kinect was opening up some surprising opportunities for the platform holder.

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catguykyou2950d ago

Yay, I can't wait for people to start taking pictures of their junk just to use it as their avatars face.

Zachmo1822950d ago

lol reminds me of playing uno at night.

You have the kkk, porn, guys showing there junk, hot girls, then the normal people

Nariko-20112950d ago

DOOMED!! Lol i love the internet

Neko_Mega2950d ago

Cool idea, but until they get it to pick things up better, I don't see the point of this.

I played and stop playing it because it can't pick me up, plus Kinect Adventure keeps talking me to move closer to it (I think it whats to get a better view of my chest).

ceedubya92950d ago

Maybe your kinect is faulty, or the lighting in your room is the problem. Try to make sure you don't have a glare in front of your tv and camera. If you are still having issues, you should try to get it exchanged.

Parapraxis2950d ago

"I think it whats to get a better view of my chest"
I lol'ed.

Zeevious2950d ago

...and one thing I can say for the 3D sensor in Kinect.

It's got good taste.

gigaware2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Strange that it isn't picking you up because its ability to do so is impressive for others. Navigating the dash is also impressive when Kinect is set up right. On par with a Mouse if not better. I was effortlessly gliding over items in the dash with only slightly moving my hand and wrist not even moving my arms.

NXE needs to be enabled like the way the ESPN app is for Kinect or something akin to it.

Neko_Mega2950d ago

It must like DD's then, maybe that is why it doesn't try to pick me up, because it is to busy looking at them.

No matter what, it is fun to play when it isn't looking at my cheat.

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Godmars2902950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

If they can customize Kinect settings based on who's using it, they can do the same with advertising as well? Could they possibly be talking about that?

You mean like Xbox-only ads in Playstation magazines?

R2D22950d ago

For example if you step in front of Kinect it will give you nothing but Sony PS3 ads and a limited edition Blu Ray movie of Broke Back Mountain : )

MicroSony4Life2950d ago

Ok that was wrong but funny.

MariaHelFutura2950d ago


I`m not trolling, it was a joke.

gigaware2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Yes you've been joking all day. Every time I read a Kinect article that isn't slamming Kinect there you are trying to downplay it spinning the news to bait people.

Anyways I can't wait to see what developers bring with this tech they need to fully support the entire NXE with Kinect.

Zeevious2950d ago

I just tried the pre-release beta of this feature and it brought up Broke Back MOUNTING guest starring Busty Galore.

niceguywii602950d ago

That's rich coming from thebudgetgamer

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number472950d ago

lol @ R2.. all fanboyism a side.. that was hilarious.


Godmars2902950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Good one, but seriously, with all this interconnection with mobile phones and multiple PCs, how hard is it to set up an automated program that puts up a dish-washing liquid ad instead of a Burger-King one depending on weather its you, your girlfriend or your mom? With or without Kinect weather its MS, Sony with Google behind them?

I mean Google certainly doesn't have a rep for pulling crap like that.

Not talking about one stupid camera, but the age we live in. Amazingly sad how people let fanboyism blind them.

beardpapa2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

so this is like targeted ads based on demographics like how google does it? in other words, for them to know what kinda content to present to you, they need to know who is currently using it. So does this mean they sense the user by who is in front of the camera or which avatar is logged in? Seems like privacy invasion if it's by who's in front of the camera. I don't like when apps on my droid need to know my location information or other personal things. Of course I deny that info when I want to. Will they offer that choice if Kinect does something similar? Can I decline targeted content?

FragMnTagM2950d ago

Cell phones are so easy to track it isn't funny.

Unless you are using a prepaid, a cell phone is far worse than Kinect is.

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