PS3 to get Google TV in Spring 2011?

Wednesday brought rumors that Google TV was heading to the PlayStation 3. The news arrived shortly after the disc-free version of Netflix became available for the Sony console and prior to Sony's confirmation that Hulu Plus was heading to all Sony devices, including the PlayStation 3.

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nightfallinicedearth2899d ago

Howard Stern is already giving the TV's away.

ZombieAssassin2899d ago

I still wanna know if we are going to need set-up boxes or if we can just use our Ps3's.

Godmars2902899d ago

We could see tiered support where basic allows for better web browsing, while an add-on box lets you use a PS3 as a DVR for network and cable shows. Not that Hulu and Netflix already have those covered.

Blaster_Master2899d ago

yeah but netflix needs more movies.

8-bit2899d ago

Netflix signed a huge deal with movie producers to get new releases on Netflix. They spend too much money on postage and realize that streaming is the future so they are investing in it. Content on Netflix is constantly growing and it is miles better than Hulu Plus.

duplissi2899d ago

i have to agree with 8 bit here, i just got hulu + and so far its been 10 bucks wasted when compared to netflix... sure its nice to have day after releases of popular tv show episodes, but sadly it doesnt have ones i like...

Zeevious2898d ago

Hulu is just not worth it.

For the same $10 I can get a much larger library through Netflix and NO COMMERCIALS!

The only thing Hulu has is better organization of what's available, like grouping all the seasons together for one show. Why Netflix doesn't do that by default, I can't say. I often have to search all over for seasons based only on when they where selected for my list...not sorted by name, show, or even type!

That's not much to be worth paying Hulu an extra $10...besides if you really want to, you can still get Hulu for free through a proxy or your computer.

You still get the commercials, but at least you don't PAY for the commercials!

duplissi2898d ago

yeah the organization is better- in as much as its a little easier to find just what your looking for, but i feel parts interface are a bit confusing (might be because im used to netflix) and doesnt feel as intuitive on a gamepad and more for a mouse. also ive experienced more streaming halts in hulu than in netflix.

im cancelling after this month, but ill keep an eye on it because its still in beta (hulu is using the casual friendly term preview) so it could get a whole lot better

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Nodoze2899d ago

The author of this article needs to fact check:

In regards to Hulu Plus he wrote the following;
The subscription will cost $9.99 per month, however those who already pay the yearly fee for PlayStation Plus will get the Hulu Plus service for free.

This is absolutely NOT the case. Playstation plus subscribers were given a PAID preview for the service, nothing more. If you want Hulu Plus (which is garbage compared to Netflix) you will have to pay!

cardgenius2899d ago

Sounds pretty good. I really like the idea of getting Chrome as the web browser. Id actually use it if they did!!

2899d ago
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