Sony has Two Worlds pub "hopping mad"

Eurogamer: "The Two Worlds II release saga continues: now Euro publisher TopWare/Zuxxez is "hopping mad" with Sony because the PS3 version of the game wasn't made on time.

Everything was paid upfront, TopWare/Zuxxez CEO Dirk Hassinger explained on the Zuxxez forum (reported by Eurogamer Germany) - but a bunch of "lazy buggers" at Sony meant Tuesday's European Two Worlds II launch only happened on PC and Xbox 360."

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Godmars2903812d ago

How is this Sony's fault? What am I missing?

MeatPopsicle3812d ago

Xbox fanboys at Eurogamer still think it is 2006.

Red_Orange_Juice3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

:) well on Dragon Age Ultimate Edition UK/EU version they forgot to put one DLC on disc, which is horrendus, I'm still waiting for a patch rather than a code from EA until I buy it. I know it's Ea's fault but the disc must have gone through Sony's hands in the process.

Heartnet3811d ago

Didnt manufacture the discs on time ^^

OmarsAccount3812d ago

They were supposed to finalize the discs. Even if you're a sony follower, things like this are unacceptable. It would be for any company.

Seijoru3812d ago

I think they swapped it to print GT5's discs hehehe.

jukins3812d ago

unacceptable you mean by not allowing your game to be pirated early like countless pc and xbox games?

BillOreilly3812d ago

Yes that sucks especially since Arcania isnt out on ps3 yet, Two Worlds 2 isnt either, Ps3 missed out on Risen and Divinity 2 along with waiting a year for Mass Effect 2. The ps3 is not the place to be for wrpgs. Heck Oblivian and Dragon Age are the only ones on the system. I would be pissed if i was a ps3 only gamer. Two Worlds 2 looks damn good imo.

Chubear3812d ago

When the hell did Two Worlds become anything close to being important? o.O

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

''not the place to be for wrpgs''


1. Risen, was not even ''good'' to mention.

2. Arcania 4 was a letdown, and you can see that just playing it, besides, is worse on Xbox, the best way is to play it on PC, but still, overall, the game is a letdown for the series, besides the Glitches and Bugs.

3. Divinity II: Ego Draconis, again, same case like Arcania, a poor version for a Console, which is the Xbox version only, and a letdown, best way is to play it on PC. Even IGNorant said, they not recommend to get it for Xbox, which is the console version.

Two Worlds 2, is looking at least good, for PC only. Because just to watch the console version of the 1st Two Worlds, please, avoid that.

So, actually, PS3 owners are not missing something important, why PS3 Owners want poor versions and letdowns.

Better, they, the PS3 owners only, they will have the GOTY version of Mass Effect 2, instead of poor wrpgs games and poor series with Glitches and Bug-fest.

You are trying to justify the amount of poor games to make look bad the PS3 Owners only.


OmarsAccount3812d ago

Most of your arguements involve saying that they look better on PC.

When that's the case for almost every multiplatform game that PC/360/PS3, so that's not really a viable arguement. Also, those games seem like solid games, especially for the avid WRPG lover. All except maybe for Two Worlds, but Two Worlds II definitely looks promising, and don't judge its graphics on its poor predecessor on console graphics.

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Seijoru3812d ago

Maybe they made the PS3 version so buggy that its taking a while? Isn't this their first game on PS3?

A Cupcake for Gabe3812d ago

I don't think they put this trash on PS3. But here's a link to show you how amazing two worlds was /s

Nothing to break a sweat over.

Heartnet3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

This is Two worlds 2.. and if ur relying on met scores then ur missing out on a whole bunch of good games.. Two Worlds 1 was glitchy as fuk and graphics were poor but it was a solid rpg that lasted for hours which few games do..

Two Worlds 2 is avererging a 90 meta score from what ive seen from the reviews so in ur eyes this game is awesome and must be on par with your beloved Final Fantasy or CoD or whateva shit u obv play

Christopher3812d ago

I find it very hard to believe that Sony would just suddenly fail to meet a printing schedule for something that's prepped weeks before hand, but it is possible.

Most important thing to remember here is that we shouldn't go based on just one side of the argument. There may have been things 'unfinished' and out of Sony's control that caused this delay.

I mean, seriously, release schedules have been pretty set in stone for everyone else, it's just very hard to believe that a fairly streamlines task like this would result in the failure to produce them on time.

Heartnet3811d ago

Release schedules set in stone.. cough gran turismo 5 cough hehe :) and Sony have niether denied this or said anything about it so its all their fault for not making discs on time end off :)

They are probz to concerned with other tasks as this game doesnt come out in the UK or US for like another 2 months.. bloody south peak

Sackdude3811d ago

CVG, EuroGamer, Kotaku.... are 360 fanboy website.

just you need to get used.

frostypants3811d ago

It's also ironic for the developers of one of the sloppiest developed games of the decade (the original Two Worlds) to call anyone else "lazy".

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big_silky3812d ago

it's sony's fault because they're the ones who press the discs. they run the pressing plant.

"The PS3 version wasn't delivered on schedule for release. We can choose our pressing plant for PC and 360, but unfortunately not for PS3."

as i've said before, nobody associated with sony has a fire under their ass about anything.

Godmars2903812d ago

If, by a comment someone made on the article site, BR disc production got prioritized for something called "Man Furismo Jive" then they were just unlucky and got bumped.

Not really fair to them if true, but still, flaming up like that when Sony has bigger things to deal with, I could see them dumping Two Worlds II altogether and not bat an eye.

Nariko-20113812d ago

Would your comment be so sympathetic? Answer me honestly please.
ps, that is no way to conduct business, I'm glad Sony do not take the stance of their fanboys or they'd make lousy business people. I'm sure there's a better reason and even if there isn't, they wouldn't be so cavalier about it

Godmars2903812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

But in all honestly, who really gives a damn about this game? If this is about getting GT5 out at the cost of this title, GT5 wins hand down. If Reach had to be pushed back under similar circumstance, few with a 360 would answer differently.

And sure someone on Sony's side needs to be reprimanded if not fired, an apology given, but its just as bad business practice to take something like this public. Especially if you're talking about Sony screwing a 3rd party dev who's publishing on two other platforms to get their own product out.

ExPresident3812d ago

Very well said Godmars290 - have a bubble on me. Sony is looking at the business side of this just like these guys are. That being said, I guarantee Sony is looking at a priority scale and I'm sure Two Worlds isn't up there.

callahan093812d ago

I agree with you. I am a fan of Sony and the PS3, but they don't have a fire under their ass at all.

jack_burt0n3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

it needs space to breathe so lets release it just after christmas oh yeah loads of space in jan feb.... do these ppl even look at the ps3 release list, morons.

Darrius Cole3812d ago

Two Worlds sucked. I am sure no cares about Two Worlds II.

Jazz41083811d ago

Same could be said about killzone 1, so you might want to give it a chance.

RandomDude6553812d ago

Boohoo...developers are such crybabies.

"The PS3 version wasn't delivered on schedule for release. We can choose our pressing plant for PC and 360, but unfortunately not for PS3."

They should have planned ahead for this and sent the game earlier then.

NexGen3812d ago

I thought this was an actual pub throwing a Two Worlds party in the UK lol. Noooooow it makes sense!

RandomDude6553812d ago

lol...well played sir.

Kinda wanna go to that pub now......

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