PALGN: de Blob 2 Preview

PALGN: "It might not have been an established franchise with a rabid following of fans, and it might not have had the unstoppable hype machine of some of the bigger titles out there, but home grown action puzzler de Blob was a huge critical and commercial success. Developed by Melbourne based studio Blue Tongue Entertainment, and published by THQ, the game allowed players to partake in a colour revolution, mixing paints and smearing them all over buildings to a groovy jazz soundtrack. Responding to the warm reception from gamers, THQ revealed at E3 2010 that the lovable blob was getting a sequel, and would be stretching its gooey arms beyond the Wii to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A build of the former was on display at E3, but the latter two were nowhere to be seen."

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