Crysis 2 to take Black Ops Head On!

German company Crytek has very big ambitions for their upcoming title Crysis 2.
Executive developer Nathan Camarillo responded: "We say why not?", when asked if Crysis 2 can become as huge as the Call of Duty franchise.
Crysis 2 has one very big thing going for it.....

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BeOneWithTheGun2899d ago

After playing Crysis and Warhead on PC it's going to be hard going to console graphics but then again, their engine might be so streamlined now that it looks amazing.

Regardless, I got BlackOps for my PS3 ('cause it has warranty and the 360 does not so any game that I play for hours at a time I get for the PS3) and it is pathetic. Subpar graphics and just laggy to no end. Activision needs to pull their head out of their ass because KZ3 and Crysis are right around the corner and if they come out guns blazing (no pun intended) and show great game play and slick, HD graphics, well, who the hell WOULD stay on COD?

AKissFromDaddy2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Black Ops is very disappointing. It isn't as fluid as MW2; Takes nearly a whole clip to kill one person.; Graphics took a step backwards(In Treyarch's defense, it is IW's engine and they use it the best); Guns have horrible sounds; Explosions & Kill streaks are underwhelming. However, Wager matches and Zombies are fun.

Crytek doesn't need to try hard to outperform Treyarch. In addition Crysis 2 will cover what Sci-Fi shooters want and Modern shooters want.

Go Team Crytek!

Christopher2899d ago

If Crysis 2 were going to take it head on, it would have released at the same time.

AKissFromDaddy2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Crytek can take notes from Black Ops horrible release and build upon never doing what Activision allowed Treyarch to do.

TheBlackSmoke2899d ago

Crysis was a super generic FPS among a shit tonne of super generic FPS's, the only reason it got any attention was because of its super hi rez graphics engine and the PC specs required to run it.

The console version WILL NOT look anywhere near crysis PC level and as it is a console multi-plat its not going to look as good as a PS3 exclusive. There is nothing else about this franchise that warrants excitement or hype.

Crytek will have to actually earn its popularity through making a good game, with something fresh and new and MP that is comparably addictive as COD. Now that they cant hide behind graphics lets see what they will do.

Ducky2899d ago

"generic FPS"? All FP-shooters being released fit the generic mold.
Atleast crysis gave some freedom to the player instead of holding their hand down a linear path.

Now that they can't hide behind that freedom due to restrictive hardware, lets see what they will do.

Buffniceguy2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

I want this game bad.

jarrod19812899d ago

I think this game is going to do very well on consoles and pc with the background crysis has. i havent even played mw2 yet. i think bc2 is where its at with the mutiplayer especially with oasis and harvest day getting released soon. cant wait. but i have no doubt that this game is going to be good.

HeavenlySnipes2899d ago

KZ3 and Halo Reach first. Remeber guys, not everyone was/is a pc/console gamer. Crysis was never on consoles so its basically an unknown newcomer trying to get into the big leagues in the eyes of many console gamers.

KimoNoir2899d ago

Halo Reach is no problem, even though I sold my PS3, I know for a fact KZ2 was one of my top 5 favorite games along with MGS4. I honestly don't know about Cryteks chance to make millions in the tens because, there simply isn't as much publicity and excitement for this game as there is for something that says Halo and COD.

But, if they bump that up and throw a nanosuit on a mountain dew can, you've got some shit goin down.


Id take the beta im in right now over crysis 5...

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The story is too old to be commented.