Destructoid: Review- Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Xbox 360

Destructoid: "Yesterday, we reviewed the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, awarding it a 6/10 thanks to a completely broken online experience that proved detrimental to the most important half of any Call of Duty product. In fact, it was only the superbly high quality of the single-player that gave this game as high a score as it got.

Naturally, some people were upset. Despite the fact that the game ought to be consistent on all platforms, some people were angry that we reviewed the game "wrong" by not playing it on the Xbox 360. So, with that in mind, we have re-reviewed the game for consoles. A 360 copy arrived this morning and I dove right into the multiplayer."

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Brian52472991d ago

Could someone just nuke the Destructoid offices already? They give a 10 to a game they gave a 6 to yesterday? Such BS.

Croash2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

I see "Score: 11/10!" on the site :O

Jim Sterling didn't get lucky with the 360 version of Black Ops.
You should have checked the article before commenting, Goodfella2487, it's kind of funny and absolutely NOT serious.

kancerkid2991d ago


kancerkid2991d ago

You fanboys can't complain anymore, he gave the game 11/10!

visualb2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

you forgot the /s =)

@ 2 bubbles? oh what a shame, better start considering a new account

start spamming like those spam accounts, at least i'll get some fulfillment from commenting on this POS site

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Rocket Sauce2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

All you had to do was read two paragraphs!

CrzyFooL2991d ago

You're an idiot.

But you have trolled me, so I am the idiot.

VictoriousB132991d ago

Read the article dipshit, it's a fucking joke.

Magris2991d ago

A prime example of an average N4G user.

PS360fanboy2991d ago

Ahahaha! This was a nice twist=)

Kran2991d ago

@Goodfella2487 this is the 360 review now. Last review was the PC version.

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Lilbambit2991d ago

i love jim sterling, there i said it

T9X692991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

I can't say the same. In his PC review for Black Ops he gave it a 6/10 and stated he would give it higher but the state that it's in, which he described as a broken mess and can only review what's in front of him. Then turned around and gave New Vegas a 9.5 (It might have been 9.0) even though the game had the same horrific issues and then some as Fallout 3. To me, that just sounds like he's a Fallout fanboy and wont degrade the game because of it's flaws because he loves Fallout. Not saying New Vegas isn't a good game, I think it was worth a 9 when it worked properly, but it always didn't. IMO I don't think it's fair to review 2 games that are semi-broken (at least on PC) and score one an 6 and another a 9, and say the 6 game would have been a 9 if it worked properly, when the 9 game didn't work properly either.

EDIT: @kancerkid - There I changed it :)

kancerkid2991d ago

Destructoid is a blog. Journalists don't do reviews, by the way, because, by default, reviews are opinions. Journalism has no opinions.

Magris2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Actually, he used to hate Fallout, but found that the experience of Fallout was SO good that it canceled out most of the bad glitches.

Also, his multiplayer experiences was rendered UNPLAYABLE. Fallout was playable 90% of the time. Blacks Ops for him was playable 10% of the time. That's a significant difference in bad glitches.

xDSJxPyro2991d ago

If you know Jim at all, or follow his reviews. He hated, I mean HATED Fallout 3, and he forced himself to play it, and started to like it. Because he started to like it, he was sort of excited for New Vegas.

So calling Jim a Fallout fanboy is just funny. Jim a fanboy, those words don't belong in the same sentence

antz11042990d ago

Well when the meat of CoD is online multi and thats broken, he's got nothing to work with.

FNV had glitches but its playable. Its two completely different types of gaming.

callahan092985d ago

I didn't play Black Ops so I have no comment on that, but I personally love New Vegas. I thought Fallout 3 was very good but I like New Vegas a lot more. I just love the world in it, much much more than the D.C. setting (with all its annoying subway tunnels) in Fallout 3. I have the PC version, and have not experienced one single bug. Not sure what bugs it's supposed to have, but I haven't had any game crashes or save glitches or anything else that I have noticed, it's played like a damn dream.

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RockmanII72991d ago

I love sterling too. Yes reviews are funny. I don't actually listen to his recommendations, but whenever he makes an article I usually laugh. People who hate him take him too seriously.

MonkeyBoy922991d ago

Wonder how many people will actually get his 'hidden message' in this 'review' lol

GoldPS32991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Not many lol

HDgamer2991d ago

Black ops is a beastly game, now campers will try to hide from the gas.

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