Gameloft loves PlayStation Move apparently

iWaggle3D: "Mobile games specialist Gameloft will be releasing not one, not two, but three Move compatible games via PlayStation Store early next year. An online first person shooter, a Diablo-like ARPG and a puzzle game."

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Kurisu4974d ago

I'm going to be keeping an eye open for Dungeon Hunter: Alliance!

Red_Orange_Juice4974d ago

more Move games, good games, please


Yes, I was waiting Dungeon Hunter long time ago, looks very interesting.

I didn't know Dungeon Hunter is also compatible for PS Move, that's sound good.

RageAgainstTheMShine4974d ago

Dr. Marks already mentioned before that the T Analog Button can also be used like the L or R button to navigate 3D space. You only go in the direction the Move is pointing to.

darren_poolies4974d ago

I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for Modern Combat: Domination and Dungeon Hunter: Alliance. Both look and sound very good plus it's nice to see some support behind the Move.

MGRogue20174974d ago

Gameloft hates Microsoft Kinect apparently

BillOreilly4974d ago

the funny thing is kinect is a better fit for games like dungean hunter. point and click like like diablo woulb be a perfect match. gameloft are excellent dev and i love their iphone games.

chochoy4974d ago

but how are you going to attack? you gonna do a swing motion? and this is a hack and slash game. and if there's a on screen button there's a delay before your gesture registers as a click.

i think if you're going to play this with a 360 it's better to use the controller

strickers4974d ago

That's the dumbest statement.
Anyway Move would be better for point and click for anyone who knows anything about game controls.

raztad4974d ago (Edited 4974d ago )

"... but three Move compatible games via PlayStation Store early next year. An online FIRST PERSON SHOOTER, a Diablo-like ARPG and a puzzle game."

OK. Now you got me interested. Hope the integration is smooth. Love MAG with MOVE.

Impressions about the FPS MOVE compatible titled "Modern Combat: Domination"


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SullysCigar1016d ago

I use them most days and have for years 🤷🏻‍♂️

They're definitely way past a needed update, but I've got a tonne of fun out of them, so they haven't failed me.

bouzebbal1016d ago

The best motion control platform it's so intuitive.. Died due to lack of support from Sony.. It had some amazing games

thorstein1016d ago

They are used constantly for PSVR games. So, no they haven't failed. Neither has PSVR (or VR in general.)

Bigman4k1016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )

The article was talking about why it ps move failed before psvr came along


It failed because it sucked plain and simple.

LOGICWINS1017d ago

I feel that's a bit harsh. To this day, playing Killzone 3's campaign with PS Move/Sharpshooter gun combo is the most fun/immersive experience I've ever had with an FPS.

I think Move was simply not as profitable as Sony wanted it to be, but it didn't "suck".


It most definitely sucked. You people can act like it was something special all you want but it was horrible. The entire motion control fad was a waste of resources and time. Ever single motion controller besides the Wii failed and is no longer being used today in gaming. It's ok to admit it...