Kinectaku review: Kinect Joy Ride (Xbox 360 / Kinect)

Quoting Kinectaku's James Newton:

"Kinect Joy Ride is simple in every way, from its inoffensive cartoony presentation to the music that’ll make your head bop. There’s a few nice touches along the way – you can paint your car the same colour as any item you hold up to Kinect – and there’s a wealth of courses, cars and styles to unlock if you’re persistent. Some modes are certainly better than others, playing next to a friend is always more fun, but once the initial novelty of driving a car with only your hands has worn off you’ll realise this isn’t worth the full asking price."

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Tron_Rocks2897d ago

We own Kinect and Kinect Sports and enjoy both Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports very much. There is a demo of Joyride and we are not impressed. The graphics are ok but the control compared to the other games is really really bad. I hope there is less shovel-ware like this and developers are going to make the game right, not fast.