Garbage Games that Clutter your HDD

PSUni writes "PS3 owners are subjected to slightly more crappiness, however, with developers opting for mandatory installs of their games to cut down load times and increase overall performance. I don't know about you, but I can forget that these giant blocks of data even exist long after I've gotten rid of the offending software. Next thing I know, there's only a dozen or so gigabytes left on my 160 GB hard drive and that shit's not cool."

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jc485732923d ago

Quantum Theory was 5.1 GB? thank god I didn't buy the game.

HolyOrangeCows2923d ago

LOL, none of these games are even ones that I would think to play.

mushroomwig2923d ago

Pain is one, why the heck haven't I deleted it yet?

Zeevious2923d ago

try the Move patch...It's even more mindless fun with it.

BiggCMan2923d ago

omg theres a move patch for pain!!!?? damn i missed that one. ive had pain since it came out but never played it to much cuz i never got any of the add ons. i will definitely re download it now, thanks for the unintentional new info!

Zeevious2922d ago

I'm actually much better with Move than I am with the Dualshock controls! They even included more advanced functions like using the 4 buttons around the Move button to grab!

I wasn't sure I would like this, but I'm glad I tried it out, it's much more intuitive to just flip the character with Move than with controls.

I've actually thrown Elvira so far she's gone all the way off the map!

Neko_Mega2923d ago

You get a bigger hard drive, why isn't MGS4 on that list? I mean with the installing and the updates for the online, it takes about 10GB.

Why me and my friends haven't remove MGS4 from are hard drives? Because we don't feel like reinstalling it or even downloading all the updates again.

Motorola2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Cuz MGS4 is not a Garbage game. All the games on those list are garbage

Neko_Mega2923d ago

Soccom isn't a garbage game, so yeah this is bs.

Besides most ps3 users have the space anyways.

Motorola2923d ago

It wasnt garbage but it was a letdown as some Socom players say. I wouldnt know...I only played the PSP variations

Neko_Mega2923d ago

It was the only one I enjoy the most, ps2 ones ok.

Zeevious2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

to just upgrade your drive. 500 gigabytes for $60 and 15 minutes of your actual time (plus time for the automatic backup)

Check NewEgg for - Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD5000BPVT 500GB

3 Steps!
Backup from old drive
Swap Drive for new one
Restore to new drive

That's pretty much it!

For another $15 you can get an external enclosure to use your old drive as an external backup for your computer or anything.
Check out Newegg - Rosewill RX25
(Didn't want those links reported for spam)

$60 or $75 for the whole 500 gig package sounds like a great deal to me.

ExPresident2923d ago

My 500GB HDD doesn't care tho :)

I used to go back and delete old game data who when I had the original 60GB in it, but now I don't even care. I like having all my games available when and if I want them.

Axecution2923d ago

:D 500GB <3

and yeah, [email protected] disagrees. Gotta love N4G. xD

pixelsword2923d ago

Put in a bigger HD.

End thread.

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The story is too old to be commented.