Can Motion Controllers Replace Traditional Controllers?

Change is one thing humanity hates to move along with because it is seen as a means to review the way they view, do, and think of things and are afraid they won’t fit in or aren’t just prepared, it also brings with it the risk of failure. Today the gaming industry is on the verge of undergoing a monumental transformation given the recent bang for motion control gaming. This has in recent times created a threat to the continuity of gaming with the use of traditional controllers.

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kosovo2902d ago

i ll take my pad anyday. . . motion control is annoying

proudly_X2902d ago

motion control doesn't just fit in yet

awiseman2902d ago

NO NO NO NO NO, AND FINALLY....N0000. Need I say more?

kosovo2902d ago

when playing fps . . it sucks . much

jerocarson2902d ago

i never for once thought Motion controller could replace my PAD, but these day i don't know much, i could be wrong

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