Cod: Black Ops Zombie Mode Guide

The main draw of Call of Duty: Black Ops may be the multiplayer mode, but I don't care, because I like zombie mode best of all! Here are some tips and tricks to kill as many zombies as possible.

SeanScythe4697d ago

This guy wasn't helping explain hints, how about the fact you don't have to look at the window like he is doing at the end to repair it. The zombie walked right up on him when he could have been fixing the window and watching the hall ways, called multi-tasking.

FAGOL4697d ago

Ok was expecting to hear some strategies but hey. This video is for people who hasn't played zombies before.

TANUKI4696d ago

I really like that Pentagon stage. I'm still trying to get that trophy associated with that map...

f7897904696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

I had a zombie one hit me from behind a window with all the boards up. FUUUUCK!


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