NIER: Little Marketing, Big Impression

GrE writes, "A few times during each generation, a game comes along that leaves a real impression on me. Generally, these kinds of games fly under the radar. A game with no hype to its name, and no marketing push to speak of. Perhaps the game happens to be in a genre that is not considered exceptionally popular at the time. For one reason or another, one of these games ended up in my hands, and I booted it up. I expected to spend an hour, maybe two, playing the game before becoming bored and/or frustrated with its shortcomings as labeled in most mainstream reviews.

But then, something happened..."

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roblef2925d ago

I seriously am on the hunt for this one. Looks really good -- sleeper hits rock!

crunchychocobo2925d ago

Loved everything about NIER. It made me laugh, the hack-and-slash was always fun, and the stories were incredibly deep. Awesome all the way around.

starven2925d ago

Didn't this one get mixed reactions.

bgrundman2925d ago

yeah, things we mixed at best, but that doesn't mean it wasn't worth the look.

Neckbear2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Mainly because, while the game had a few flaws (mainly the repetition that comes with side-quests, that are NOT obligatory, and graphics), some, it seems, didn't play the whole game or were expecting a God of War ripoff with shiny graphics/something like that.

There's also the Joystiq review where the reviewer gave the game a 0/10 because he wasn't smart enough to check the map and go where the big, red cross tells you to go.

Kinda silly, really. This is of the games where alot of people disagree with the reviews, and that's for a reason- the game itself is marvelous. I'd go as far as saying it's of the best games this year, once you give it a try. It's of the kind of games that has substance and soul over flash. Well, for me it was, anyways.

If you read the article, you'll get a great idea of what I feel about this game- it seems like me and the Author share the same feelings for NieR.

bgrundman2925d ago

Where can you find this for cheap now?

wondroushippo2925d ago

check like Amazon and sites like that.

Neckbear2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

An incredibly wonderful title. If you haven't tried it, do it already! Rent it, buy it, whatever- just try it. As the article said, it really is of those games we have only once a generation, that despite its shortcomings, everything is simply well-crafted and hell, awesome.

My second playthrough really had me on tears, and that's saying SOMETHING when it comes down to this generation of games. The characters, the atmosphere, the music- I won't spoil it, since it really is something you should experience by yourself.

Also, for those who already beat the game, I'd recommend you read Grimoire NieR, wich explains more of the backstory, the setting, and different stuff they didn't decided to explain in the game- as well as some interviews with the team at charge of the game. You should REALLY read it if you loved the game.

Here's the link of the translated version: