The Best PSP Game I’ve Ever Played – Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

GrE writes, "Poor PSP. The poor little thing hasn’t had that many games worth mentioning in comparison to its Nintendo competitor, so I admit that it wasn’t that hard to pick which game in my library is the best PSP game I’ve ever played. At the same time, even after playing recent smash hits Ghost of Sparta and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core still holds its title of the best PSP game I’ve ever played."

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roblef2950d ago

Damn this is a great game. If only it were on the PSN I could ACTUALLY FINISH IT! Stupid Sony.

bgrundman2950d ago

I feel your pain brother... my damn UMD drive broke months back, so I am thoroughly screwed.

Yi-Long2950d ago

... but the english dub kinda annoyed me. Would have preferred to have had the option to play it with the original voices.

I didn't get far in it btw.

8-bit2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

i... LOVED crisis core! It was definitely my #1 favorite PSP game of all time. A MUST play for any one who loved FF7.

gaffyh2950d ago

These are the best I've played in no particular order:

Jeanne D'Arc
Valkyria Chronicles 2 (and most likely 3 soon)
Ghost of Sparta
Peace Walker

DaBadGuy2950d ago

My UMD got effed up not long after Crisis Core first came out. I got so far in it and the thing crapped out on me, so I bought a new PSP. I got the Kratos Red bundle with Chains of Olympus and I think Superbad. I had never gotten Chains of Olympus so I figured what the hell, and Superbad was just icing.

Plus for a PSP it kicks a little ass.

I don't play PSP much anymore, except for Peace Walker, but eventually I have to get Ghost of Sparta.

VandimionX2950d ago

i felt the voice acting as actually very well done, the problem was in the localization; the script needed more work... to many stiff and vague sentences.

deafwing2950d ago

my drive and umd are still intact .. i've been playing this one very slowly ... got through a majority of the game on my last trip to tokyo ... I will probably beat it next year ... but yea .. it is a very solid game.

Army_of_Darkness2950d ago

"If only it were on the PSN I could ACTUALLY FINISH IT! Stupid Sony."

Isn't it square enix choice to make since they made the game and all?!?!?

PoSTedUP2950d ago

persona3p and peace walker. socom ftb3 and jak and daxter also

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Jimmy the Greek2950d ago

definitely needs to hit the PSN

f7897902950d ago

Why when you can just buy it. Oh that's right, you bought the PSP's retarded cousin.

MariaHelFutura2950d ago

Crisis Core is what I think FF13Versus is gonna be like.

crunchychocobo2950d ago

It would be hard for me to choose which PSP game would be the absolute best for me. I've played a few this year like Ys Seven and Birth by Sleep that were fantastic!

wondroushippo2950d ago

There have been several fantastic games on PSP this year, too bad many people just end up pirating it. :(

Jimmy the Greek2950d ago

god of war ghosts of sparta was pretty good.

starven2950d ago

Looks like I know what I am playing this weekend

bgrundman2950d ago

What? you mean you have no Call of Duty to replay?

Jimmy the Greek2950d ago

and i thought i was the only one not to get call of duty ;)

Jimmy the Greek2950d ago

id say the psp is more than deserving. its the little engine that could

Capt-FuzzyPants2950d ago

This and Birth By Sleep rank pretty high up on my favorite games ever list. Crisis Core is just so good. I could tell what would happen at the end but it still made me cry. The whole seen was acted and animated perfectly. I also loved how no matter how well you did or how long you lasted you would eventuallyy lose the last battle.

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