HBG Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops - Treyarch Finally Does It Right

Treyarch is back with it’s latest first person shooter — Call of Duty: Black Ops. This time around, we leave the battlefields of World War II for a new story and an era that had yet to be explored by the Call of Duty series. Players are put into the 1960′s during a time of war, high tensions, and battles between super powers over supremacy in the world.

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Shackdaddy8362951d ago

Can anyone tell me if this is like WaW? Like does it have limbs blowing off and does it feel like WaW?

If it is like WaW, I will enjoy it a lot.

Army_of_Darkness2951d ago

Get dead space.

anyways, everyone on my psn friends list have this game except for me!!.... Maybe, just maybe one day I'll get it.

AKA2951d ago

i erase every sheep that got it

Mista T2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

I rememeber shooting a noob tube in the campaign and I checked out the bad guy I killed and his legs were blown clean off so I guess thats your answer :P

T9X692951d ago

Considering Black Ops uses a heavily modified version of the WaW engine according to Treyarch, yes it does feel more like WaW than any other COD. Limbs do blow off in SP and Co-op in Zombies, but not in online multiplayer which kind of sucks. If you enjoyed WaW style of COD and Treyarch's map design in WaW, you will really like Black Ops. I've played all the maps and there isn't a single one I can say I downright hate. I've always thought Treyarch did a better job when it came to making multiplayer maps.

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TheLastGuardian2951d ago

You say "Treyarch finally does it right" and then give it a 4/5? COD3 was an 8 if you ask me. Haven't played WAW. Black Ops is pretty good, I give it a 9 from what I played so far.

xDSJxPyro2951d ago

I have to agree with this. Finally a Call of Duty game where we actually feel part of the game. No more running and gunning in some soldier's shoes. This story is by FAR the best story in any Call of Duty game I have played. MW2 has been surpassed, and I cannot be happier.

MerkinMax2951d ago

The campaign was just so unique and the risks Treyarch took with it payed off.

ZombieNinjaPanda2951d ago


Then let's get a name change, because this isn't "The Call of Duty" anymore. If anything it's just some action flick.

jesushmacy2951d ago

It`s defiantly a popular game.

Tovan2951d ago

I'd say that's a fairly accurate statement.

xDSJxPyro2951d ago

LOL, nah, its not THAT popular.

Blaster_Master2951d ago

I think IW not making the series anymore is exactly what we needed. IW thought they had our best interest taken care of by making the game that they always wanted to make. Treyarch actually listen to the fans, and for that, they reap the rewards of being the most successful launch in history. Congrats Treyarch, all we need now is vehicular combat and full destructibility and this game will be the best ever.

Kreyg2951d ago

If they added vehicular combat and destructibility, I think the Call of Duty series would give Battlefield a run for their money.

xDSJxPyro2951d ago

I would love to see destructibility, as for vehicle combat, the maps would have to get a LOT bigger, and in CoD games, that can be a bad thing.

Not saying it can't/won't work, just would take some work to do it just right.

PotatoClock2951d ago

You poor poor console players. You never knew the joys of COD 1 or 2. Vehicles and bigger maps were a long time ago for COD.

Mmmkay2951d ago

you can buy cod1 in hd on consoles.....

MoeThirteen2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

With the way people have been whining I expected more ticks in the negative column.

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