Beat Sketcher Coming Soon to PSN for PlayStation Move

George Weising on Playstation Blog writes: "So, what is Beat Sketcher? It is actually hard to call this a game, as it is more of an artistic experience that allows you to become very creative using the PlayStation Move as your virtual drawing tool or paint brush. Beat Sketcher lets you create your own masterpiece no matter what your skill level is. You can learn to draw by copying brush strokes in something called Challenge Mode or grab some friends and work together to create something magical (either cooperatively or competitively if you so choose). My favorite part is the Creation Mode, where you start with a blank canvas, so-to-speak, and unleash my imagination! If you create something you’re proud of, you can even upload it to YouTube for all your friends to see."

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Kurisu3911d ago

This "game" obviously failed at retail.

krouse933911d ago

It didn't come out at retail... At least not in the US.

PirateThom3911d ago

It hasn't even been released yet.

Funny enough, this was one of the more interesting demos. It, along with Tumble, both show just show accurate the controls are.

Kurisu3911d ago

I just had to agree with you both, ha! I just checked both and it has no date or box art, and it's not even listed on GAME. That'll teach me for shouting my mouth without being clear on the details.

I wasn't sure what to think of the demo. Sure, it does show the accuracy of Move, but I think it would get boring quite quickly. My little sister loved it, though!

krouse933911d ago

The challanges that were locked in the demo seem like they could be quite fun in groups and even by yourself. I mean depending on how it is. I thought just the create part was fun even. So I'll probably buy it.

blackburn53911d ago

Read a blog where a father and his kids got a kick out of demoing this game and posted pictures of what it can do. Definately a draw for the casuals.