UK Release Date for Metroid Prime 3 Confirmed

Nintendo has released their Q4 2007 release schedule, which contains dates for the next four months and some 2008 releases on upcoming Nintendo wii and DS games.

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scarlett_rg4065d ago

It's times like this that I'm glad I don't live in the UK.

MP3:C absolutely rocks! The controls are sick! The environments amazing! The puzzles are extremely well thought out! Just a great/epic game all round! (I'd be playing it right now, but I'm eating breakfast.)

But yes, as I was saying... the UK release schedules sucks. SSB:M in 2008?!! That's a perfect holiday game! Crappy.

djt234065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

UK and eur have to wait i am so sorry

JJB-3604065d ago

I totally agree. I'm actually considering buying an American Wii, just so I can import the games early.

stunt2134065d ago

sucks to live in Europe because all of the great games come out about at least 2 months later.

Odiah4064d ago

I'm going to have to hear from some American dumbass all the characters in Smash Brothers months before it comes out here.

Note: I don't actually think all Americans are dumbasses, just that one freak who's going to reveal/spoil everything.

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