Bungie Responds to Halo 3 at Retailers Rumor

SketchFactor, a Bungie employee, has just responded to the rumors going around that Halo 3 might be at some retailers already. According to him, only a few people have the final copies of the game and are not playing it on live.

"No actual copies are avaialble to any retailers yet. The photos that surfaced earlier were EMPTY promotional/pre-order copies of the game. Many retailers have had these for a while now. It was a hoax."

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TriggerHappy4070d ago

"You should seriously be careful where you go online and what you read. There are jerks out there who will stop at nothing to intentionally ruin your day one game experience. Be warned."

You guy's hear that ? I suggest, boycotting game sites if you don't watch to see any leaks before the release.

BaMYouRDeaD4069d ago

I knew they were preorders all along because of the text on the front. That had to be preorder information.

ANoobsJourney4069d ago

Thankfully it was a hoax beacuase I don't want to hear that Master Chief dies 3 weeks before the game comes out. I am going to stay away from halo posts very soon because the ending will be spoiled sooner or later.

Daewoodrow4069d ago

I thought it might be a hoax. Sending out copies of halo 3 to retailers 3 weeks early would've been the greatest blunder in videogame history.
An employee would probably risk their job in a heartbeat to steal a copy and sell it on Ebay. Not sure if that would be legal though.

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