You know you play too much BioShock when… (Warning: Some spoilers)

BioShock is an amazing game, so it's easy to get caught up in it and play for hours without a break. However, if you find yourself playing BioShock excessively, there are certain signs to look for to make sure you aren't playing an unhealthy amount of the game.

Members in the 2K Forums have made it easy for you, posting various conditions that you may experience from if you spend too much time in the world of Rapture. Here are some signs you should watch out for and seek immediate attention is possible.

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TriggerHappy4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

"You attend a show at the theater and start shooting at the decorative statuary, just in case it decides to come to life, climb the walls and try and eviscerate you"


CRIMS0N_W0LF4155d ago

You finish it and get bored from it and leave it on the shelf because it has no online and replay value.

I shouldn't had bought it I should had rented it. While game is VERY good it deserve 8.5 to 9 not 10.

N4GayFanturds4155d ago

STFU? Seriously stop whining about online play. Would it have been a bonus? YES, but it's not the end of the world.

The game still has replay value. I beat it on 'hard' but had to harvest the girls to do it. I'm going back on 'easy' and try not to harvest any of them. Plus I still didn't find all the REC messages or take enough pics to complete all research.

Look at the online in Prey. Look at the online in The Darkness. I'm kinda glad they didn't add it on, possibly taking away from the games' quality.

Now would you kindly...give me some bubbles. : P

CRIMS0N_W0LF4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

gave you bubble but.

Can i kindly know why Reviews lower score of games w/o offline and even if it has no single player online orented only, and they didn't for Bioshock?

Also I bet if Bioshock was for PS3 it would had gotten 7-8 max with even reviewers giving it 5 for lack of content.

N4GayFanturds4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

You got a point there! Games like Shadowrun were given a low score because it did NOT have a single player. Yet it didn't matter to most reviewers for Warhawk. And most single-player games that have no online will usually get low rated for that.

I guess the score was based on the graphics, originality, story & gameplay. It's top-notch in every category.

Oh and thanks for the bubbles. Right back at ya!

CRIMS0N_W0LF4155d ago

while it is very good they should review games ALL THE SAME NO SPECIAL TREATMENT.

sticky doja4155d ago

but I couldn't help but give you a bubble :S

Booneral4154d ago

I couldn't help myself either but gave him a bubble. Would you kindly...?

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blooodFrenzy924155d ago

fUNNY ARTICAL. As far as reviews go though I agree with single payer only games getting high reviews. In my opinion games need to have singleplayer. My best example is in the darkness. They should have taken out the crappy multiplayer and made the single player a bit longer and better. I thought 2k made a smart decision by making this a single player only game. Games like halo on the other hand multiplayer is GREAT.

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