L.A Noire- Trailer Analysis – Spectacular Facial Animations and more

Gamersmint: L.A Noire's first in-game footage trailer was finally revealed today. Much to our surprise the former Playstation 3 exclusive looks fantastic, at least in this trailer which the developers claims to have entirely created from in-game footage.

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cyborg2896d ago

Now it's coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 since Sony made a deal with Rockstar which made Agent a PS3 exclusive and this went multi. Atleast that's what a little birdie told me

Red_Orange_Juice2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

True, I think Sony did good, you can't go wrong with Agent makers Rockstar North.

cmrbe2896d ago

With what Rockstar learned from RDR and L.A Noire. I can't imagine what they will do with The Agent especially with the big boys at Rockstar North developing it. Plus exclusivity to PS3 and Sony support. This is why i am most excited about The Agent.

vsr2896d ago

But real game is AGENT. It will be the next GTA (R*North)

gigaware2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

You should read the details or google it before asking such a strange question. Console listings are right under the description lol

Impressive tech in this game.

ico922896d ago

i've got a feeling the story is gonna be a landmark, however am i the only person bothered by how similar it looks to Mafia 2

Quagmire2896d ago

Why, just cause its set in the same time period? Of course its gonna look similar, I dont see you complaining about how similar Heavy Rain and GTA is considering theyre set in the same time period.

TheBlackSmoke2896d ago

"I dont see you complaining about how similar Heavy Rain and GTA is"


showtimefolks2896d ago

they get this game plus get an exclusive game

agent we know nothing about but that its under devolpment from the same people who make GTA and taht sounds awsome

this game is made by the guy who made getaway series a good but never great but hopefully with LA:N he finally has the tech to make a awsome game

don't disagree with me only stating the facts getaway1-2 were good game but not on teh same level as some other games in its gener

ico922896d ago

one thing that the getaway had that not allot of games have even to this day, was the realism in its story, its probably the best written story in gaming history, seriously im talking about movie quality, and the voice acting was incredible, most video game characters sound like cartoons these guys sounded like actual people, the story was really incredible.

the games only problem was its design

Dark-Cloud2896d ago

getaway was kool and still remember few things about it , but it's not better then san andreas ... but i get dispointed when they cancle the game in the ps3 :( , i still remember the pictures befor they cancle it , i remember it had a great graphics !! it's befor ps3 released ...

JasonPC360PS3Wii2896d ago

Agent won't be out untill 2014 and by then it will probably be cancelled or multiplatform. Just look at LA Noire it was once exclusive and now it's gone multi.

raztad2896d ago

@^^^ This comment is full of hopes.

Imperator2896d ago

Whatever makes you sleep at night :D

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prongs1232896d ago

the best facial effect I have seen in a long time, maybe ever. I am excited all right. Rockstar can make a stellar game right here.

showtimefolks2896d ago

i think the tech that's being used for this game is really expensive but if this succeed than we will see other big devs use the same tech

theIMP2896d ago

It was expensive to develop the tech behind it, once they have the tech in place it can potentially be used to make the development of game cheaper, and cut down on the time it takes to develop a game. Unless I misunderstood, they set up cameras to capture actors from every angle and join all the footage together to get the model for the game. The actors aren’t just getting their motions captured to animate a 3-D model, they ARE the in-game model. I think It is amazing tech and has the potential to change the way they make games. Of course I have not seen it in action and therefore could be wrong, but from all I've gathered and what I've read, it's ground breaking.

N311V2896d ago

I agree but rockstar is only publishing, team bondi are developing.

showtimefolks2896d ago

are involved it was in gameinformer most people on taht team are from RS since many of getaway series people are still working for sony

so in a way we are sure this game will be awsome

psb2896d ago

Mafia II looks stale tbh. I want to see more of it.

AKA2896d ago

and cool and they are saying that the gameplay is fresh and like no other game so i will keep my eyes on it...

Shaman2896d ago

not animations,facial animations that is.And yea,they are spectacular,better than anything out there.

arragionthegreat2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Don't make Kratos mad ,..he be flipping ,.. m'kay?

They are great,..but I am really not totally blown away either,.

arragionthegreat2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

So you guys think this shit looks better than Kratos?

You guys crazy ,..

number472896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

PS3 owners have seen heavenly sword, heavy rain, uncharted, MGS4, and multiplatform offerings as far as animation. 360 owners have seen halo, gears, and fable, as well as multiplatform titles..where most of the animation is well.. and the facial animation.. well.. yet haven't been exposed to the visual bars of animation of PS3 tech.

You find most of the 360 fans on the site saying 'spectacular' but its about the state of technology at this point.Its the same thing when you see "JAW DROPPING COD3 screenshots." well it is, from that perspective.

Fun Fact:

No 360 game released has better facial animation than Heavenly Sword. And thats just the first one... move up to Uncharted2 after that.

kaveti66162896d ago

you are a sad, strange, little man, and for that you have my pity.

number472896d ago


No one can name any game that has better facial animation than Heavenly Sword on the 360. Its why this isn't amazing to some, and phenomenal to others. Thats my only point.


Quagmire2896d ago

Toy Story reference FTW!

theIMP2896d ago

An even more fun fact, the tech behind this game has never been seen on any platform before, seeing as how they just developed it for this game. You should read up on it man, it's pretty amazing. I guess it is hard to keep an open mind with your head that far up Sony's ass, but that doesn't change the fact it's never been done before. See I look at it from a gamers perspective, I like new, better, "outside the box" type stuff, from whom ever put's it out. I don't limit myself by misplaced loyalty to a company who cares nothing for me. Really all i'm trying to say is look into man, no need to start the Sony Vs. MS shit in a tread thats has nothing to do with the "Console War".

tordavis2896d ago

No game this gen has facial animation as good as Heavenly Sword. Next up would be Mass Effect 2.

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thewhoopimen2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I don't see how "superb" the facial animations are. It seems to be a cut above GTA4 but it's nothing like what I saw from Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword. Its not even quite in the same league as uncharted 2 either. But maybe the best for a sandbox title.

jetlian2896d ago

here the faces are plain too. the overall graphics are low. Also the woman who screams doesn't have the high facial animation

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gillri2896d ago

Its Ken Cosgrove from Mad Men!!

awesome! he must have lent his likeness and voice to the game

NoBias2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

What's crazy is that he actually did these mocap recordings before Madmen. About 4 years ago.

gillri2896d ago

4 years earlier? jeez no wonder the animation is soo good, they have had ages to lip-synch it

dont listen to number47 either, I have had all those games and only Uncharted 2 has as good facial animation as this

and this has ALOT more dialogue, like 100 times more

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