Into The Afghan Sun – Medal of Honor : Review

Medal Of Honor is a well established WW2 FPS Franchise spawning many games, sequels and expansion packs through pretty much every last gen console – but the franchise was quickly running out of steam so in 2007 they decided to take a creative break before coming back in 2010 with the reboot kicking the franchise into the Modern Day war, in Afghanistan. Now its obvious EA saw Call Of Duty’s success when it moved into the modern-day and wanted a slice of their billion dollar pie, they made no attempt in hiding this and openly expressed it as a challenger to its throne and once you play it you’ll see just how hard they’ve tried to ‘imitate’ Call of Duty.

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Emperor_Cono2987d ago

The SMGs and Pistol's in the game are really overpowered online too =/

tacosRcool2986d ago

Much less than the CoD games. At least the Assault rifles are have more power than the SMGs and pistols