Media Molecule: “People can create entirely new games with LBP2″

GB: "We recently had the chance to interview Medial Molecule, the developers of LittleBigPlanet 2, and in this exclusive interview with us, we talked a lot about their upcoming platformer."

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Red_Orange_Juice2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Media Molecule allows a game in a game, so we can play while we play.

arragionthegreat2899d ago

that was confusing,.. but it sounded smart,.. so I agreed,..

Now I will think about it for a minute or so,..

DORMIN2899d ago

@arragionthegreat: Yo dawg, I think you missed the meme joke ;)

Of all the awesome games coming next year, I think this is going to be GOTY.
This is looking like its taking the word "sequel" to another universe.

arragionthegreat2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

No,..not really ,.. Just my ''being stuped'' humor failed horribly :))

dead_eye2899d ago

call me when we can play a game within a game within a game. Then we're talking.

Can't wait for this. only ever made one level with lbp but think I'm gonna be able to create short films with this one.

MariaHelFutura2899d ago

I`m in the beta and LBP2 will be GOTY in 2011 100%.

BTW, the delay is a great thing. Trust me. There are some things that need to be fixed before release. Besides that, it is 100x the game LBP1 wishes it was.

TripleAAARating2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Media Molecule will severely own the competition, every Inde game developer will fear that their latest project that they release on XBL or PSN will just be experienced by LBP2 owners, thus the loss of potential sales.... and announcements like these: "Super Meat Boy not coming to PS3 EVER!!" will just become moot...

Shadow Flare2899d ago

I've seen most genres done in lbp2 now but I'd like to see if it's capable of making a good rpg. I'm sure you could make one, but I'd like to see someone make an excellent one

Dark_king2898d ago

My friend is working on a RPG maker.He already has the leveling system finished.And the Battle system is almost finished.But he is trying to get MM to release a save state tool to make things simple.He is using stickers for each level and a 20 digit code that puts you back where you were with your items.Its far from working perfect but shows alot of promise.

Shadow Flare2898d ago

Sounds excellent. All the best to his level. I was thinking myself how useful a save state system would be. The only problem is, with hundreds of levels to play, you'd accumulate hundreds of save states. It's still a good idea though

halocursed2899d ago

You got another fledged game in my LittleBigPlanet 2. :D

Ginbe2899d ago

Halo Reach Forge say hi.

arragionthegreat2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )


As cool and useful as forge world is,.. dude it is a map modifier with pre-made peaces,..
Unreal Turnament shits on that on the ps3 (you need a PC though, but it is a map editor, you can make a lego world with Mario behind a gun) but all in all It is still a TPS/FPS game,..

Don't say things like that in LBP discussion,..There will be even more RROD levels in lbp,.. :))

never_waste_a_bullet2899d ago

gotta love those RROD levels in lbp!

kaveti66162899d ago

You can do more than modify maps. You can add scenery, remove scenery, create structures of any formation you want, add weapons, add respawn times, limits, points. You can change a lot of things in Forge World.

LBP is obviously more fully-fledged than Forge World, though.

iHEARTboobs2899d ago

LOL, it's totally different, bro.

DORMIN2899d ago

Not 'game types' or 'maps'- ENTIRE GAMES.

You can make your own cutscenes, voice acting, music, genre

If you weren't such an ignorant troll you would know this.

VenomProject2899d ago

Fix the online, MM. The first LBP lagged something awful.

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