Cliff Bleszinski offends Konami environment artist

It seems Cliffy B is truly a marmite person. Some people don't like the guy but others see him as a game developing god. He can be outspoken about his view and isn't afraid of racy comments or jokes. Today, in what seemed like a typical Cliffy B having a laugh joke turned into a bit of a backlash when a Konami employee wasn't at all impressed by him.

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Otheros002898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

He looks retarded in that picture.
"No matter what, you can't hate the guy for the great games he makes."
Great games? his games are buggy and laggy. Whenever he talks about his games it's always about graphics. Even though the games that he released look like crap especially when close up.

Red_Orange_Juice2897d ago

game developing god, uumm what? what has he accomplished? one good, but already played out franchise

ShinMaster2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Gears graphics were always smoke and mirrors.

The amount of blur and bloom effects in Gears is to hide the aliasing

TOO PAWNED2897d ago

ahaha cant believe this was made into article, how VIRIGIN of them. WHO GIIIIVEES A F..K!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!

Masamori Sumimura2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Wow ps3 fanboys ranting about stuff they dont play. The usual. Oh and it's funny you guys dint post Gears3 pictures because they look amazing.


m-s-8-22897d ago

"Oh and it's funny you guys dint post Gears3 pictures because they look amazing. "
They weren't posted for the same reason the Gears 1 and 2 bullshots were not used. Post-release reality tells a better story than year-from-release fantasy.

gamingdroid2897d ago

The guy created a game that sold over 5 million copies on one platform. Now tell me how many other game creators have done that?

You can hate him all you want, but he created a game that millions of people enjoy. He certainly deserve respect for that instead of these nobodies here complaining. I would like to see what you have done!

With that said, his the whole twitter conversation was hilarious!

Dac2u2897d ago

One of Brittany Spear's albums probably sold more than Gears 1 and 2 combined. Hannah Montana has sold 10x more garbage than Gears 1 and 2 combined. Does that make any of their crap good? Hell no, do they deserve our respect? Again, no. Gears 1 and 2 are both repetitive, mediocre games with awful dialogue.

Why do people always bring up either the graphics or the sales to try and prove something is good?

gamingdroid2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Britney Spears might not have been good for you and me, but it sure as hell was good for the millions of people that bought it. Good or not is a personal preference, there is nothing universal about "good" or "bad". It's purely subjective.

Stop being a hater, because you don't like it and don't expect everyone to like everything you do.

RememberThe3572897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I disagree. Go watch Apocalypse Now, if you don't think thats good you don't know what good is.

ON the topic of Gears, I loved the first hated the second and I'm not excited about the third.

Active Reload2897d ago

Red OJ, you know this is a Fail website when you get that many people agreeing with you. Do some research before posting such nonsense because it seems you're too young to spread such *gaming knowledge*.

n to the b2897d ago

@RedOJ: not just 1 franchise. Shadow Complex was great fun.

@ShinGino: even if that's true - original Gears looked FANTASTIC when released. all good devs use 'tricks' to hide the less-attractive bits.

why are the PS3 trolls so much worse these last few weeks?? the amount of agrees attached to ignorant comments is f*ing ridiculous.

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MAJ0R2897d ago

didn't really see him as a dick IRL

jarrod19812897d ago

i wouldnt say his games look like crap. cant believe many would agree with that. when gears 1 came out i think most would have thought it was pretty damn amazing.

ShadowJetX2896d ago

but like every other 7th Generation game, the graphics haven't held up.

kaveti66162898d ago

Oh wow, so he makes a joke and someone doesn't like it. Big deal. That's not news.

Quagmire2897d ago

Ah, but you see, this is N4G, meaning it doesnt really matter.

RememberThe3572897d ago

When you think about it. Nothing on N4G really matters. It's just a bunch of people reading and talking about their hobby.

DaBadGuy2897d ago

He made a dick joke, big whoop.

A topical dick joke, but just a dick joke nonetheless.

Silverwolf2897d ago

Aki sings in her head "I make lots of money cause I'm no fun....yum"

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