Activision could buy Harmonix, 'has more to gain than EA'

Big rivals most likely Harmonix suitors, says Pachter

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NYC_Gamer2897d ago

i'd rather EA buy them out

sinncross2897d ago

If Activision gets hold of them, then competition in the music genre will be next-to-nothing.

BLAKHOODe2897d ago

please Lord, do NOT let Activision get a hold of Harmonix. if that happens, the music genre truly is DEAD DEAD DEAD. come on, EA.. time to step up your game.

hoops2897d ago

Oh for the love that is all unholy. Activision buying this would be the end of it as we know it.
I loved Activision back in the days of Intellivison and then that was it.

ddelella2897d ago

Activision is not going to buy Harmonix. They had them once and let them go. I am still unclear as to why Harmonix is looking to sell since they have the best music game on the market, the biggest music library, and a new dance game for Kinect which could be a hit. Something doesn't sit right about this whole sale rumor.