EMEAA Weekly Chart for 06th November 2010

VGC reports for the week ending on Nov. 6th, 2010, the following hardware sales:

DS 196,467 (+12%) 55,435,050
Wii 189,702 (+36%) 29,436,593
PS3 181,923 (+20%) 19,148,284
X360 125,354 (+15%) 17,598,809
PSP 71,671 (+15%) 26,252,173
PS2 48,385 (+10%) 62,555,766

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Pennywise2902d ago

Fake as can be, but what happened to the 360? I thought it was outselling everything.

Looks like another year the Ps3 outsells the 360. Don't worry though... I am sure MS will ban a couple million more users.

MeatPopsicle2902d ago

Why would you wonder about fake sales numbers?

Just more garbage to ignore from the discredited vgchartz fake sales site.

Cevapi882902d ago

at least they are calling it rumor now, lol

2901d ago
morganfell2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

You are missing the point. Penny was taking a stab at the fact that vgchartz had the 360 in the lead in the past and now they don't thereby pointing to the indeterminate method they use to compile numbers...which we all know is nothing more than a blindfold and a dartboard.

He was commenting on their wishy washy methodology did people miss this? He was pointing to the fact vgchartz had a history of bending the facts to help MS and what happened to said practice.

He wasn't saying they are anymore right now than they were when they had the 360 leading in the EU.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Accidental though it is, the PS3 is leading the 360. Nothing can be done to change that fact and with GT5 coming in two weeks, any Kinect Christmas boost wishes to help the 360 stave off the PS3 just went right out the window.

Add to this the lineup the PS3 will be releasing between January 1st and the end of March and MS is in for a brutal ride.

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Narutone662902d ago

if vgchartz, a pro-MS website is showing that PS3 is outselling the 360 by that number, the real number must be higher.

Trizard2901d ago

It probably is since its EMEAA which the PS3 has been constantly outselling the X360 (basically everywhere beside NA, the PS3 is leading)

tordavis2901d ago

Japan and Europe do not = the world!

Imperator2901d ago


Indeed they do not, but together they're bigger than NA which also doesn't = the world.

N4Great2901d ago

Who can disagree with facts ?

oh yeah, i know, blind fanboyz in denial.

zeksta2901d ago

Are you an idiot or are you just trying to deny the fact in your mind the VgCharts are a load of crap as big as they come?

The Maxx2901d ago

First he acknowledges that these are fake

"Fake as can be"

then right after says

"but what happened to the 360? I thought it was outselling everything."

as if the data is now factual.


raztad2901d ago


I have to agree with Maxx. Penny you failed there man. LOL.


I think VGCHARTZ realized they were severely under-tracking PS3 sales on PAL territories.

Things are gonna get a lot hotter now GT5 is two weeks away.

KingME2901d ago

Look everyone, Pennywise likes vgcharts numbers again. oh, nevermind I see now why he likes them.

2901d ago
KingME2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Did you not read the part he wrote under that. Or are you maintaining the norm and only seeing what you want to see.

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scruffy_bear2902d ago

As we know VGchaartz undertracks the PS3, so I'll like to see the ture numbers

zeksta2901d ago

VgCharts is not even Near a valid source for Sales of any Games, Consoles or anything Hardware Related, Fact is they're not someone you can rely on to give you accurate and truthful sales, let alone another website using them as a source and possibly even re-editing it to a higher extent.

Prcko2901d ago

i thought that xbox gonna be on 1st place because of kinect,but i was wrong

Pirateogta2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Kinect launched in Europe on November 10. These numbers are for the week ending November 6. If you look at the numbers from the same website for the Americas, where Kinect has actually launched, then you will see the effect:

360: 205,671
PS3: 99,775

And I am now prepared for people to disagree with the fact that Kinect had not yet launched in Europe yet on November 6.

gaden_malak2901d ago

Two words and a number.

Gran. Turismo. 5.

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