5 Female Clichés in Games

Games 4 Guys writes: Let’s face it, most video game stories are as deep as a puddle. Their stories are more like a porno than a feature film. Step 1: Introduce Characters, Step 2: Introduce Premise, Step 3: Shoot everything in sight (wash, rinse, repeat). With shallow stories come standard characters. Male and female characters fit a small list of classifications. There are only 5 types of women in video games. Permute each of these types, and you have every woman video game character ever.

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Cevapi882901d ago

sex happens in almost every industry

Godmars2902901d ago

1) Boobs!
2) Kidnap victims.
3) Dat @$$!
4) Screaming.

At least I got #2 right.

gamerdude1322901d ago

I totally ag- boobies!

Yeah, there aren't a lot of different women in games but there isn't much more for males. Most of the time, it's:

7. Charmer (Nathan Drake; Uncharted series)
6. Slave (Isaac Clarke; Dead Space series)
5. Tesotsterone dude (Marcus Fenix; Gears of War series)
4. Kick-ass dude (Sam Fisher; Splinter Cell Conviction in particular)
3. Emotional dude (Ethan Mars; Heavy Rain)
2. Average dude (Cole MacGrath; inFamous series)
1. Coward (Capell in the beginning of Infinite Undiscovery)

Bass_fisherman2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Dont forget the Anoying dude (Raiden, MGS2 ; Hope , FFXIII)

Cenobia2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

9. Whiny Cry Baby (One of those FFXIII characters named after weather)

devilhunterx2901d ago

4. Kick-ass dude (Solid Snake; Metal Gear Solid 4 in particular)

/fixed that for you

gamerdude1322901d ago

Guy who's supremely pissed at "losing" his daughter vs. guy who kills things for pretty much no reason in particular other than justice or whatnot...

I still say Sam Fisher. He marks and executes that bitch.

QuantumSponge2901d ago

Let's face it... there are too many articles that open with the words "Let's face it".

Pillville2901d ago

Can we get a NSFW in the title?

I know it should be somewhat obvious looking at the pic, but there is actual T&A shown.

Quagmire2901d ago

Oh ofc, coz you never know, 10 year olds have nothing better to do than troll all day on N4G, amirite?

Pillville2901d ago

NSFW = Not suitable for WORK. It has nothing to do with children.

If I'm taking a minute at work to read some game news, it might look a little bad if there some boobs on my screen.

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