Resistance 3 versus Resistance 2: Stunning Screenshot Comparison

GB: "Resistance 2 was one of the finest shooters of 2008. Featuring a solid single player campaign and a mind boggling multiplayer component, Resistance 2 “might” be PlayStation 3′s most complete shooter yet. On the other hand we have Resistance 3, which looks like it’s going to be released some time next year. The details on Resistance 3 is very obviously very less at this moment and some of our readers might also object to the very existence of this article. But what I think is that these early screenshots from Resistance 3 give us a nice glimpse and a great platform to do a screen shot comparison."

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halocursed2897d ago

Resistance 3 shows the true power of the PS3 or does it? Games on the PS3 keep looking better and better!

Red_Orange_Juice2897d ago

you're undecided about what you want, agrees or disagrees /s

ShinMaster2896d ago

I'd like to see an in-game screen comparison.

cmrbe2897d ago

The last one for example of Hale is from the cutscene. I notice that only 2 and 4 are from actual gameplay in R2. They still look great though.

Terror_B2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

@everyone regarding my so called "trolling" post.

"There's a reason you have 38 disagrees and 0 agrees, man. Just sayin'."

Are u guys seriously trying to justify resistances quality by me getting disagrees on my comment? Who are u guys trying to fool, this is N4G, any even slightly negative comment towards anything Sony related leads to mass disagree voting so wise the hell up. I could have posted that same comment anywhere else and the voting would have been the other way around.

"Resistance 1 and 2 got 87 and 86 metascores"

ok im going to use lame sony n4g fan logic on that one......reviewers were paid off and sony handed out free PS3s to get that score.

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PS360fanboy2897d ago

Looks good but not Crysis/ Rage good.

WIIIS12897d ago

Disagree that it even looks good.

mushroomwig2896d ago

It's a good job that graphics aren't everything then. There's this thing called gameplay...I remember when that used to be the main focus on games.

ico922897d ago

the chimera look alot more meaner and badass in R3

Maddens Raiders2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

one of my favorite series ever. R3 will be yet another shining star in SNE's long list of 1st party gems.

tacosRcool2896d ago

I don't think the PS3 will hit its graphical ceiling anytime soon!

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Shubhankar2897d ago

Res 3 doesn't look very drastically changed. It does look good though.

gameseveryday2897d ago

You need to open your eyes, resistance 3 looks much more slicker than anything Resistance 2.

fooltheman2897d ago

and it's faithful again with the feel of resistance 1...
I really like it...
It feels nostalgic lol

orange-skittle2897d ago

resistance 3 looks better than resistance 2, but that's about it. It never looked amazing. It was mediocre. Just like Halo Reach looked better than all the other Halos, but that's about it. Still better looking shooters out there.

2897d ago
cmrbe2897d ago

to polish the visuals mostly. These already look better than most current game out now and its still a year away.

Richdad2897d ago

Is great improvement from Resistance 2. If you really have played R2 the game looked great only due to its massive scale, else wise level of detail in R2 was not very great and R3 has the same scale plus its level of details seems to be of MGS4 level which is a big achievement.

Believe it, its really hard to get this kind LOD in such large scale.

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TheHip142897d ago

Ya it does look a lot better

units2897d ago

not best of comparisons