Kinect de-mystified

From Canoe Tech: "I can’t stop smiling since Kinect arrived.

Say what you will about the mind/body link; I suspect it’s a sign I need to stand up and get my legs moving and blood pumping a little more often, if a bit of hopping and crouching and foot-shuffling in the living room lifts my mood this much.

Or maybe, Microsoft’s new motion control device really is that good. Time will tell—in the meantime I’m glad there’s one in my house this winter.

The internet is already brimming with lengthy reviews of Kinect and its launch lineup, so rather than filling out this column with more of the same I’ll share some impressions and address the most common questions I’ve heard."

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EasilyTheBest2900d ago

...well so much for Kinect not working. I think we can lay that to rest as it simply does work.
Good fun it is too...

Bigpappy2900d ago

Its the same people saying the same junk or trying to spin something that cant be spun.