Best Exclusive Games of PS3, 360 & Wii: The Console War Heats Up

Although last fall might have seen all three next-gen consoles facing off on store shelves, the real battle will be fought in 2007. Who'd have bought a PS3 last fall, when the game selection was paltry? Matters weren't much better on the Wii, even if you could find one. Most couldn't. Even on the Xbox 360, which had the advantage of an extra year's momentum behind it, the lineup was missing one crucial component: Halo.

None of that is the case this year. Each console is packing a portfolio of fall exclusives that any gamer will take seriously. Each sees the debut of at least one major exclusive series. In the case of the PS3 and 360, they're also sporting lower prices and an expanded range of bundle options.

Which console is sporting the best line-up of holiday exclusives? Find out.

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MK_Red6110d ago

I think they should have included Warhawk for PS3 as well as UT3 since it's PS3 exclusive for 2007 but aside from that, these are good choices. We has 3 big exclusives whilt PS3 and 360 have 4. And PS3 and 360 have bright future for 2008 with MGS4, FFXIII, Too Human, Alan Wake and more while Wii has not big exclusive for 2008. (Rayman Raving Rabbids 3?)

ktchong6110d ago (Edited 6110d ago )

Microsoft is keeping a tight lips on what are coming next year. So we have very little idea what Microsoft's exclusive line-up for 2008 is, other than Alan Wake, Too Human, Halo War, and the new Peter Jackson's Halo game (which will be either next year or 2009.)

However, Jeff Bell said in his X07 interview that Microsoft will reveal a little of MS's 2008 line-up at the upcoming TGS. We'll see if they can match what PS3 has to offer in 2008.

MK_Red6110d ago (Edited 6110d ago )

True. But as I said, both PS3 and 360 have a lot of other and big games for 2008.
It is Wii that has nothing big. Nintendo has always relied on heavy and famous sequels to known franchises like Metorid and Zelda but knowing their long dev times, they can't make a quick new Zelda Wii 2 or new Mario Galaxy 2. And the Metorid P3 just came out.

ReBurn6110d ago

I think the lineup of games for fall is looking good. I'll get new games for all of my systems, and I can't wait! I wish that more of the PS3's 2008 games were shipping sooner, though. But I'm not complaining. It's very rare to have good games ship in the winter after the holidays, so that spaces things out rather well.

ktchong6110d ago (Edited 6110d ago )

Wii is much cheaper than Xbox 360 and especially PS3. For only $250, Wii does NOT need a whole lot of great AAA exclusives to sell it; one or two will be enough. Wii already has two exceptional exclusives for hardcore gamers, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Those two AAA titles, which have gotten overwhelming 9s and 10s from critics and reviews, already justify the meager $250 price tag.

I expect to get *more* exceptional exclusives out of $300~$400, and *even* more out of $500.

The Swordsman6110d ago

2008 should be a good year for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Both should have had another price-cut by the beginning of the year and newer, more diverse games. I can't see it being a good year for the Wii though. No really good exclusive games are going to be coming out for it in 2008, or at least, haven't been announced yet. It doesn't get Soul Calibur IV, it doesn't get DMC4, it doesn't get MGS4 and it doesn't get any real system sellers. All the big sequels for it are out this year, and, as MK Red said above me, it is unlikely that another sequel can be made so quickly.

Rute6110d ago

MK Red, what do you mean by saying Wii has no big exclusives for 2008? If you're talking about sales, you forgot about Mario Kart and Wii Fit. Wii Music, Disaster, Nights, FFCC and Sadness are currently not the most hyped games, but we'll see how they shape up. Review wise, well, nothing can be said at this point.

stunt2136110d ago (Edited 6110d ago )

Bioshock is not 360 exclusive, its also available for pc. when games are release for 360 and pc its consider 360 exclusive, thats so retarded. also they forgot to include haze and unreal 3 for ps3.

barom6110d ago

It's very true Wii does not have a solid line up for 2008. However do you guys remember a few months back? An article stated everyone (well at least a lot of big companies, capcom, square, thq etc) is shifting their focus on the Wii. So there is a lot of potential for good Wii games.

Personally I find that stupid since X360 and PS3 owners are the ones who buys a bunch of games. I think X360 users owns on an average 20 games (correct me if im wrong)? If Wii users owns on an average 5 games (which I highly doubt) it would still need to sell 4 times as much units. Which I hardly believe will happen in the long run considering the Wii is so weak in terms of possibilities.

gerrard6110d ago

Dont 4get the extra price ur moaning about also gets u a bluray player, wifi, free online experience & better reliabilty as well as great great coming out. ur obviously an xbot idoit finding a reason to diss the ps3, the 360 also has it faults aswell.

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Frances-the-Mute6110d ago

but in 2008 Sony is going to shine

GoLeafsGo6110d ago

I'd say they missed more than a few, but I concur. Sony's got a nice line-up this holiday season.
Thank god.

gEnKiE6110d ago

agreed. Sony is just starting to heat up now. 08' will definitely be their year.

GoLeafsGo6110d ago

Didn't everyone say that about '07?

gEnKiE6110d ago

You know what....everyone did say that didn't they?.... :S but o8' WILL be the year of the ps3. It seems like they are more established now and know what their going to be doing. I just hope im not saying this next year for o9'.

Demon19806110d ago

I never really heard anyone say that. What will 360 have to compete with KZ2 and MGS4?

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FirstknighT6110d ago

their are hundreds left out.

CRIMS0N_W0LF6110d ago

Bioshock is NOT X360 Exclusive.

ReBurn6110d ago

For the holiday season the only *console* you'll see Bioshock on is the 360. The article didn't touch on the PC at all.

WAR_MACHINE776110d ago

bioshock shouldn't be on the list unless they add UT3 and Haze because PS3 is the only console you can get those on too.

felidae6110d ago

an amazing time for gamers.

personally i prefer the PS3 exclusives but there's some nice stuff for fans of the 360 aswell.