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Jamegohanssj52899d ago

I just want my fucking Rockstar North game!

Nice trailer though


UltraNova2899d ago

Is it me or this is the best voice over work ever?

Eamon2899d ago

Yep, facial animations are the most detailed I've seen yet in any game.

Red_Orange_Juice2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Time to create a list of noire movies to watch, as a preparation for this game.

@Jamegohanssj5, you mean Agent

lastdual2899d ago

And yet another game to look forward to in 2011. *looks at wallet* No complaining from you!

SnuggleBandit2899d ago

"Made using in game graphics"

Very impressive for a multiplat. I bet this game is gonna own.

EliteAssass1n2899d ago

Please, team bondi, learn from 2K Czeck and their Mafia 2 mistakes.

Active Reload2899d ago

The facial animations will be setting the bar. They said they've put a lot of money into the tech and you won't see hardly any game matching it for some time to come.

PSFan1002899d ago

I agree, the facial expressions are the most realistic i've seen in a game; you can still tell it's a computer generated image though. Very impressive.

DORMIN2899d ago

This looks quality!

I want to see the gameplay.

Game-ur2899d ago

2011 GOTY

It captures the classic 50s movie felling well.

specialguest2898d ago

Facial animation looks better than that $137 million Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within movie.

zeeshan2898d ago

Wow! Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2 and LA Noire. They both look soooo visually appealing! Imagine what the next generation of consoles will be able to do. Wow! Great stuff! Now please show us something, ANYTHING related to AGENT.

RedDevils2898d ago



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Red_Orange_Juice2899d ago

it's going to be a great game

King-Leonidas2899d ago

face animations are spot on

SKUD2899d ago

Agreed. I really hope this a great single player story. I'm dieing here for more.

-Alpha2899d ago

Yeah the face animations are the best I've ever seen, my job dropped after seeing that black lady scream.

This is looking great.

pantatkaula2898d ago

The facial animation is really good but I think Heavenly Sword is a bit better. King Bohan FTW!!

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visualb2899d ago

looks great! refreshing too, hopefully will have as much investigation as action

looking good =)

can't wait to see what Agent is like =O this but in 70's?!


Mizz_mai2898d ago

facial animations are awesome....but i cant stand eople saying this set's the bar because it doesn't kratos's last opus still sh*ts on this from heights yet Uncharted(see what i did but for real if you've only got a 360 dont comment on graphic prowess and which devs are raising bars........

frostypants2899d ago

Just the other day as I was finishing up Red Dead Redemption, I thought about how cool it would be if they made a sandbox game with that level of depth (as opposed to GTA) but set in the Prohibition or Post War eras.

I had completely forgotten about LA Noire.


I'd rather it take place in NYC or Chicago, but it'll do.

hikayu2899d ago

this will be the ground work for future Noire game from rockstar , just how GTA started .

nnotdead2898d ago

i just hope they lessen the auto aim. one of the biggest problems i had with Red Dead was how easy it was due to the auto aim.

Rip-Ridah2898d ago

All you have to do is go into the options and set the aiming to expert for single player and (if you desire) multiplayer. I did that as soon as I started the game. Much more challenging and enjoyable imo.

nnotdead2898d ago

don't i feel foolish. i only go into menus to fix camera and mouse sensitivity. good thing i enjoyed the game for its story and character development. other wise i may have started to trash the game because i never went into the option menus.

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Christopher2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Definitely some top-notch in-engine non-gameplay scnes there. I like how they're focusing a lot on the characters in the cut scenes, but not likely you'll see this level of facial detail during gameplay.

My primary problem is that I know this is all 360 capture, not PS3. At least until R* finally proves otherwise, because so far they just haven't been able to handle the PS3 at the same level as the 360 this generation.

stonecold32898d ago

which they were showing off not the 360 version since it was a ps3 exclusive before it became multi

Christopher2898d ago

Nope. That's definitely 360 version, stonecold3. It matches up to the quality of their other 360 videos almost perfectly and doesn't have any of the usual signs of being from their PS3 engine.

Just because this was marketed in the very early days of development as a PS3 exclusive doesn't mean this didn't begin early development on both platforms. It's been two years, they had more than enough time to get both going in parallel, with the majority of work being on core design and functionality. And, R* is _known_ for utilizing the 360 as the main development platform and porting over to the PS3.

ReservoirDog3162899d ago

That looks pretty sick to be honest. Even the the atmosphere is thick with that noir feeling, it still looks more likable than mafia 2. Something about those cutscenes just felt annoying.

But whatever, another game to look forward to next year. Can't wait.

DigitalAnalog2898d ago

But the lip-syncing.... OH my, if Heavy Rain could only utilized this tech.

-End statement

AngryTypingGuy2898d ago

Didn't watch the trailer yet, but I've read enough about it to know that this game is gonna kick ass!

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NYC_Gamer2899d ago

i'm feeling the vibe of this game from the trailer

mrmikew20182899d ago

It kind of reminds me of LA Confidental. If they can pull that off in the game, I'm all for it. Too bad we don't see more games like these this generation. Instead we get the same titles over and over again.

Eamon2899d ago

but yeah, it does give off that feeling. No doubt, it must have had some inspiration for this game.

beatrixkiddo2898d ago

LA confidential is suck a kick ass movie. I'm going to watch it tonight in honor of this trailer's release!

@ Eamon- time to change your taste in movies. LA confidential was up for several academy awards the year it was released including best picture. it may take some brainwaves to appreciate it but it's one of the best Noire movies ever made IMO

jack_burt0n2899d ago

hmmm deeply underwhelmed looks over cooked.

Eamon2899d ago

would you rather play some Black Ops?

cranium2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Too true man. Thanks for the laugh.

jarrod19812898d ago

lol. rockstar is absolutely amazing. every thing they release is great. they make such great games its unbelievable. i cannot wait for this.

BeOneWithTheGun2899d ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That said, what makes you feel that way? It looked pretty good to me. Not hating just curious. The voice acting and facial animations seem pretty high bar.

beavis4play2898d ago

it looked like one long cutscene - very nice to look at but i didn't see any gameplay. show me a game and i'll be able to comment on it.

jack_burt0n2898d ago

I am one of the few who wont ever buy anything activision published.

My comment means it looks like they have spent 3years working on facial animation, decided they needed a game and stuck it on top of mafia 2. Ignore the facial animations and thats exactly what it looks like lol.

Shaman2899d ago

They were right about their facial animation tech.Its the best i have seen,definitely.

visualb2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

I disagree, even RDR is as good =| with exception of one guy, there isn't anything amazing

Enslaved and Uncharted 2 have better facial animations , fine, they aren't not open world like this game, but I wouldn't say this is "the best ever"

one of the best for sure though...

TOO PAWNED2899d ago

who ever says Uncharted 2 or HS have better facial animation, get of that weed man. Seriously. I love Uncharted 2 and it is second best, this game judging by this trailer takes the top spot. If you don't see that i recommend taking off those fanboy glasses.

Quagmire2899d ago

Agree, Uncharted and Heavy Rain definitely win in the Graphics department, and while their facial animations are good, this game just pushes it to a whole new sense of believability. Too bad the GFX had to compromised for multiplat development tho.

Eamon2899d ago

Uncharted 2 has better graphics and amazing animations

but LA Noire's facial animations beats Uncharted 2.

The Wood2899d ago

can visualb's comment be marked as trolling....what are people on here. I mean if his edit changed it then fair enough but it seems opinions arent even allowed when some mods are lurking...

Im liking this trailer and i liked LA confidential. Its a fresh setting and the facial animation did look good. I wondering what the actual gameplay looks like

The real killer2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Wow, your disagree's getting reported as trolling.
How sad it is you can't see true about it.

In my eyes is GOW3 the best looking facial animation and then Uncharted 2, but this one look also very good.

BillOreilly2898d ago

Its good but alan wake, uncharted, and enslaved were on par with what i saw here. This game, while the setting is interesting, as of this trailer seems very bland and boring. That might change when i see gameplay but i think it will be gta 1950's. Gta series got stale last gen. Its the same game every time. I have played 7 yes seven gta games. If this has investigating, more heavy rain storytelling i might buy.

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