Xbox 360 Kinect Vs PS3 Move: Kinect to win Christmas Sales? We have some interesting details for you to read now, as it has been suggested that Microsoft’s new Kinect hardware for the Xbox 360 is currently winning the sales battle over Sony’s PlayStation Move, and will continue to do so over the Christmas period.

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truehunter2899d ago

poitnless match. MS show more commercial spree then Sony. BK, an other bs. MS won this by trash. i want games i can enjoy not something in the pass of dreamcast.

Death24942899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Microsoft is outsell because "1" retail outlet is saying so? Also I think i heard "for us" mentioned so they're not speaking for everyone worldwide. No doubt Microsoft will be adding the Kinects they gave away on Oprah and Burger King (win a Kinect every 15 minutes).

Outselling in America: yes
Outselling in Europe: No
Outselling in Japan: Nope

UK is the only territory that really like 360.

THC CELL2899d ago

i sent my kinect back. worst device ever.. you can really tell xbox players are desperate for something new.

Come on the Sony boat they always off something new
from a new ip to hardware you can enjoy like move.

instead of halo and some 129.99 half baked eyetoy

ceedubya92899d ago

What was it about the device that made you feel that it was the "worst device ever?" Were you expecting it to be something that its not or did it just not work for you?

paracardium2899d ago

They're giving em away everywhere so they might...BK talk shows..pretty funny how desperate MS is...I seen at Bestbuy being used and it's laggy and glitchy...another half assed MS product.