Activision pledges $1 million of Black Ops profits to army veterans

Activision has announced that it will pledge a million dollars to helping army veterans and former service members find employment within civilian life.

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Hellsvacancy2924d ago

Id tell the mofos at Activision where 2 stick it "u aint buyin me motherfukers"

Quagmire2924d ago

Agree, one million for them is like a cent for us. Activision is rolling in it, i mean c'mon, 1mil? Please, if anything, right from the beginning of MW1, Activision shouldve donated a percentage of all games sold to the vets, including MW2, WaW and now BO, and whatever the hell next.

AliTheBrit192924d ago

Actually thats pretty damn awesome

F*ck why they are doing it, for good publicity? probably, but that doesn't change that a sh*t load of money is being donated to vets.

DORMIN2924d ago

They should be donating more TBH, considering the likely 750 million dollar profit they will make.

Something is better than nothing though, great job!

kaveti66162924d ago

They don't have to donate a single cent, so don't get greedy and say that they should donate more. Activision earns their money.

shovelbum2924d ago

Granted, something is better than nothing but a million dollars is equivalent to nothing in terms of a donation to help veterans. That won't even pay for the study to determine where the million should be spent to benefit those in need. Since day 1 sales equated to $360 million dollars, maybe you should loosen the pursestrings Activision.

rekof2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Yes, that is really generous, for someone that will make a billion dollars from it,..

@Petay Pan: What has Sony to do with this,.. Seen? heard or read?
Google Sony charity,.. I bet you will find, it is much more than a million dollars, charity,..and so is MS, I bet,..

Still not enough money to buy a PS3 I see,.. Maybe we all should do some Charity for Petay Pan ,.. so he will stop trolling,..

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The story is too old to be commented.