PlayStation in Latin America: Live in a State of Play

PSB: Hola PlayStation Nation. It’s a huge treat to share with you today all the exciting news we have for PlayStation in Latin America. Today marks a momentous milestone as we launch our first official advertising campaign for the region and have the great privilege of unveiling the first two TV commercials with you, our most loyal fans.

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danielo2923d ago

i like it, good commercial!

Red_Orange_Juice2923d ago

Sony is back to their old PS2 weird style commercials.

theonlylolking2923d ago

I liked the socom commercial absolutely priceless.

CrIpPeN2923d ago

They had weird ones before for PS3, but they was terrible so I guess you don't remember them or haven't seen them.

Sony is bad at marketing.

plstcsldgr2923d ago

bull crap they've has like 3 bad round of commercials with the white room as the latest Sony used to have the best commercials for games the crash bandicoot run was definitely one of the tops.

Tapewurm2923d ago

Really looking forward to Socom 4....would be nice to see Sony put some advertising behind it..... Socom is the reason we have Call of's about time for it to make a comeback... I hope :) Here's to dreaming.....pls let Socom 4 be the shiz!!

darthv722923d ago

The way I see it, it is making playstation gamers out to be big babies. I am sure that is not the intention but trying to associate a baby with gaming makes no sense.

It could have been with younger people, true. Just not a baby. Maybe someone in their tweens or something going through the motions of an adult.

nix2923d ago

before ppl start leaking in their panties.. this ones made for South America... THUS NO KEVIN BUTLER.

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Beast_Master2923d ago

I think the KB ads are way better.

-Alpha2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I laughed more with this ad then I have with any KB ad.

It was creepy, but also incredibly funny and adorable. It grabs the attention of just about anybody and delivers its "Play" message well.

I really liked it and wouldn't mind seeing it air in NA

CombineElite2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

That was a very big head baby. Other than that it was a good commercial.

So where's the new KB commercial cause even though I like that commercial I expect to see KB or Marcus every time I see a PS3 commercial, and not some big head baby.

"Step ya Game up"!

@ the_only_lol_king
Aww man that Jester commercial was classic.

Blacktric2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I said off topic. On topic; beautiful commercial, from composition to music. But its kind of creepy in a funny way.

theonlylolking2923d ago

The last scene in the commercial represents a baby perfectly. Just wont stop pressing the button for the car.

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Simco8762923d ago

Look at that... it doesn't take 500 million dollars to make commercials.

Creativity.. not just throwing money at something.

Blaze9292923d ago

who spends 500 million dollars to make commercials? Please, post links.

Dlacy13g2923d ago

While it maybe a creative commercial...the message is completely lost and to be frank sends a mixed message about gamers. Apparently Sony views gamers as children...dare I say babies... at the core. Its a "we know its meant for kids but its ok for you to get it too commercial"

I think they should just stick with Kevin Butler.

one2thr2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Well the message's that I have taken from this Ad is that; Being a mature gamer doesnt mean you shouldnt block out the fun aspect of gaming, meaning that things shouldnt always be taken too seriously.
Or on the other hand, is that even though the PS3 is mature it still needs to grow up and that it haven't touched or havent touched all the areas of gaming, or even at its 100% mature state, there still are areas where it can be improved..... but then again I can be wrong.... Or like you said there are some lost messages or maybe te Ad can be perceived differently

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