Michael J Bassett Talks Silent Hill 2

As reported a week or so ago, the sequel to the 2006 horror videogame adaptation Silent Hill is finally upon us, with Solomon Kane's Michael J Bassett in the director's chair. Details were scarce following the leak from the American Film Market, but a website announcement from Bassett has filled in a few of the blanks, and he also had a few exclusive words for Empire.

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Cloudberry2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

From the article :

"It's early days, and I'm keeping details of the plot secret for now," he told us, "but it's going to be a sequel to the first film whilst trying to remain true to the plot of game 3, and will also work as a stand-alone movie for people who don't know the series."

That chimes nicely with the sketchy early reports that the film's protagonist would be Heather Mason, a teenager on the run, who begins to experience dreams of Silent Hill on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, and is led towards the mystery of her father's disappearance.


So the movie sequel based on Silent Hill 3?

Also, just like it was written in the article, Michael J Bassett, the future Silent Hill 2 movie diretor previously directed a movie titled "Solomon Kane".

I checked Wikipedia about the movie, and it seems the movie receiving a great 83% via Rotten Tomatoes.


Unfortunately, I haven't watched "Solomon Kane" so I don't know how his movie direction style yet.