'Steam's dominance is bad for the industry'

Nicholas Lovell: In the feedback for How to Publish a Game, one element stood out.

I had suggested that it made sense for a developer making PC games to work hard to get on all the distribution platforms. Not just Steam, but GamersGate, Metaboli, Direct2Drive and so on.

Bollocks came the resounding response.

No-one wanted to be quoted. But Steam seems to account for by far the majority of the revenue of every single company who came back to me. People were suggesting that Steam outsold, by a factor of 10 or more, all of the other sites combined.

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Letros2989d ago

Steam is not a monopoly, as a matter of fact Impulse offers nearly everything Steam does, including its own version of "Steamworks" called Impulse Reactor, so publishers have an alternative, if they don't like Steam go to Impulse.

Reasons 2-4....

This is just BS, Steam loves indie developers and it provides a means for product success that could never be done in retail.

See, http://store.steampowered.c...

Reason 5...He's joking right? Does he know anything about open platforms such as Windows?

As for trust in Valve, recall a time when Valve almost lost EVERYTHING, their HL2 source code was stolen, and they had no where to turn to but their own fans, we were the ones that tracked down the guy that stole the code and probably saved Valve Corp. So long as Gabe is there, highly doubt they will ever forget this.

It's funny that I read two of these articles right about the time Microsoft is about to relaunch GFWL Marketplace, possibly spreading FUD across the net.

CombineElite2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

This article is total Bullsh1t and I seriously question the writers PC gaming credentials, question whether the writer is being PAID by GFWL or is the writer even a serious PC gamer.

1. Valve/Steam is not a monopoly as they have competition from The Big Download, Direct2Drive, and that crap GFWL plus a few others who deal with mostly Indie or older games.

Steam just does more than just sale games as they have managed to make a very nice non-intrusive DRM that has help reduce piracy for publishers who use steam and gamers for the most part have no issues with Steam's DRM. Steam offers instant patches and video card firmware updates. It's also one of the best gaming communities on the planet as any info or question can be answered in the forums.

Valve not promoting the PC platform? What a FN joke as Valve only has the most innovative and influential line up of games ever. While your playing COD Black OPS just remember Counter Strike started it all as far as Online FPS.

The little Guys?
The little guys are what's driving the industry with MODs and Indie games. No one that I know of and correct me if I'm wrong has hired more Indie developers and Moders than Valve, they have hired DOtA, icefrog, Minerva: Metastasis and The team that made Counter Strike were modders who made it from an Unreal Tournament engine. Valve has always made it's Source Engine SDK available to the PC community and Half Life 2 has more mOds than any game ever.

As far as price. Price is negotiated between Valve and the publisher and varies on each game. Your gonna get more profit per share with DD versus retail. Seeing how Steam has a DRM to protect your game and 30 million active users Indie developers flock to Steam by the thousands as it is simply the best thing going. The amount of Indie games being sold on Steam right now speaks for itself.

Steam stifles innovation? STFU as Steam is the best DD service versus any other industry. even Apple has recognized Steam as the Benchmark when they created their App store. Steam has even opened up a broader gaming community by moving to the Mac. Now Indie developers can sale their titles directly to Apple owners. Only Steam has made this possible and PC gamers can actual now play against Apple gamers without Apple gamers using Bootcamp (Valve Games only so far).

The bond between Valve and it's community is second to none, Hell I play the Free Valve game Alien Swarm all the time, who gives out free quality games besides Steam? LETROS even said it perfectly that when Steam's Source code was stolen it was the gaming community that help track down the perp and Valve has never forgotten that as they play online all the time with PC gamers.

Valve/Steam accepts games from all publishers but some publishers have established their own DD store and they don't release games to Steam such as Blizzard (Battle.Net) Electronic Arts (EA store) Minecraft, the creator is selling it from his own website but everyone talks about it in the Steam Forums and they provide links without Steam erasing them like Nazi's.

Sorry for the long post but i get so pissed off from stupid articles like this and yes I'm an Enthusiast PC gamer and Valve/Steam isn't perfect but it sure is light years better than everything else plus you feel a sense of community and gratitude when you use Steam. Happy Gaming!!

GodsHand2989d ago

Might be bad for the industry, but so far it's been good for the consumer. The only question is for how long will it be good for, from the consumer perspective.

Viper72989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Steam seems to be pushing PC gaming towards the way its on consoles now. Single network (XBL, PSN). IF steam gains monopoly in this it has its pros and cons.

Can we trust a single company like Valve keeping up system that pretty much brings all Pc gamers together. There are plenty of ways where they could start screwing up consumers and 3rd party software with this.

1. Not accepting some games from other publishers.
2. Unfair advantage over steam features, rules, etc. (they could try to change steam more based on their needs than for the needs of others.)
3. Pricing (selling your game in steam most likely isn't free. (except for Valve)

Personally I would have liked organisation like Google handle this kind of service. They don't really make games and tend to be more open with their stuff.

Single platform for all Pc gamers is great, but can Valve be trusted?

Saryk2989d ago

I have commented on articles like this before. If you look at all the companies that are offering digital distribution, there are a lot of them. All of them give good deals, several of them offer different deals at the same time. A true PC gamer who wants to save those greenbacks for other games, will know these sites and those deals. I have 4 computers in my home and I usually buy 4 copies, so price is a major factor in my purchases. Currently Steam, D2D and Impulse are the top runners, in my book. Gamersgate have good deals, but they are usually behind on the deals where I had bought them from the other three. EA pushes deals, so does gogamer, newegg, and gamestop, just got to pay attention. It only seems that the media loves to mention Games for Windows and Steam.

jeeves862988d ago

You purchase 4 copies of the same game? Doesn't Steam let you play your games wherever you're signed in? Unless you have four different accounts with 4 different people playing...

jy_mrnd2989d ago

I buy all my games at one place and that is Steam.

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