Retail threatens Steam ban

According to a report on trade site MCV, two "big-name digital retailers" for the PC market are staring down the barrel of financial ruin, while two major British retailers are reportedly considering a ban on games that include Steam integration.

"Publishers don't give a shit, they don't care what happens to the customer. Which is the crucial point, because Steam do," the director of "a fledgling Steam rival" told the site. A fledgling rival, eh? Direct2Drive, perhaps? GamersGate? Impulse, maybe?

The criticism of Steam - an online multiplayer platform and digital shopfront run by Half-Life developers Valve - doesn't stop there.

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NYC_Gamer2902d ago

Valve has helped the market if anything....

imvix2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Bring on the Xmas sale Steam screw them all hahaha.. As the heavy would say "kill them all, hahaha" :P

Sez 2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

I just want steam to get the baldurs gate and ice wind collection and I'll be happy. I really don't want to DL it from GoG. Please steam Make it happen plz

ct032901d ago

Retail threatens to stop selling Steam games?

Oh jeez, goodness, what am I going to do? What on earth am I going to do? Oh yes, that's right, I'll buy them directly on Steam. Phew.

edoman202901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )


GOG is pretty awesome and they modify the games to run in modern OS

Steam is good but GOG is pretty awesome too and their service is top notch

I suggest that its better to buy that game GOG now than wait forever for steam to have it

Christopher2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

@vega75: There's no reason you shouldn't want to download games from GOG. DRM free + current OS support + great prices + lifetime downloads + soundtracks/wallpapers/avatars /more. They're not trying to sell you anything else but that. Trust me, get it.

Also, the games you DL from them work with all the disc-based mods out there.

@vega75: I can get your hesitation, but don't forget you can add non-steam games and still use the steam community features with them. If Steam got into providing the products that GOG does, I'm not sure they'd be able to do so at the same cost and with all the extras, though.

Sez 2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

I'm sure nothing is wrong with GoG. I just rather use steam since that's where I mostly get my pc games from.

Edit: well if you guys say GoG is pretty awesome then I will give them a try. I wasn't sure about them but I like the deals they got for baldurs gate and ice wind. I just wish they did the bundle set instead of having to pay for each one. Thanks guys I'm going to download it now

jengo2901d ago

what the hell is "GoG"? you guys all suck cause i dont even know what you are talking about.

Basjohn2901d ago

GoG uses scammer style scare tactics like suddenly faking bankruptcy (no one remember this a few months back?).

Good products but TERRIBLE business ethics. I wouldn't trust those guys with a cent.

BattleAxe2901d ago

Screw all these retailers, STEAM has been rewarded for being a top notch market place for gamers. I could care less if some of these retailers go out of business because of their poor business practices.

Everything that Valve has been doing is genius, from MAC support, to having Steam pre-loaded onto all DELL gaming PC's, and now with having STEAM integration on their next PS3 version of Portal 2.

There still has to be some competition though, so thats why I'm hoping that GFWL manages to become something worthwhile.

HammockGames2901d ago

GoG = Good Old Games (at least, that's the most common acronym I'm aware of). GoG provides a nice download service. Never had any probs.

Still, I've come to love Steam over the years. Hell, to me Steam is synonymous with PC gaming - period. You could argue that they've given PC gaming stability where others haven't => a place where Microsoft itself has been conspicuous by their absence while they've promoted their own platform.

Steam has also helped prove the case that digital download is a viable alternative to brick & mortar stores. And best of all, you can't beat the deals.

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JsonHenry2902d ago

When they still can't sell their games at retail who are they going to blame?

Christopher2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Yeah, confused why _anyone_ would be criticizing the service that Steam provides. It's one of the key items that's kept PC gaming alive, IMHO. At least it's not killing it like GFW.

More to the point, Steam isn't monopolizing the market. They're leading in a key area of the market when it comes to distribution, which is digital distribution through their own service. To say they're monopolizing the market is like other second-hand stores asking for GameStop/GAME stores to be banned because they dominate the second-hand market.

The problem is that other digital distribution services haven't done squat to improve on what they provide. They provide games digitally, and that's it. Steam instead has made it a lifestyle to buy and play games from them.

If anything, it's the gamers who should be complaining when it's been only Steam who has worked as hard as they have to support our gaming habit while other digital distributors just want to make a quick buck just by removing our need to pay for shipping or gas.

IMHO, the two best digital distributors out there for PC games are Steam and GoG. Steam for their service to gamers alongside games and GoG for sticking to providing very hard to come by older games that are compliant with the latest OS and are DRM-free.

gta_manic2902d ago

Steams "challenged" little cousin that just doesn't now when to quit

Shackdaddy8362901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Steam gives away games for free or almost free(remember the MW2 bans where they gave away L4D2 to those million people?). I really dont think they would give a $hit about a couple of store bans.

It will actually probably hurt the store more than it would Steam.

Nihilism2901d ago

Why do you care...the games will still be on steam. It will just mean that retail customers won't have to go through steam DRM or wait 4 days after buying it for the supposed launch day...

Offline mode can't break when online mode isn't required ;)

I think this is awesome, steam fanboys can get f-ed. It won't affect you in the slightest.

DeadlyFire2901d ago

Steam was built by a PC platform game developer. No surprise that PC gamers chose them over any other Digital or retail outlet. They understand what PC gamers want from them and they deliver. PC market isn't being killed its just moving to the smarter option.

Its not killing the market. Steam has done nothing but grow the market. There is no real legal action any one of these retailers can take against Steam. They can stop selling games with Steam in the box, but only one game came with Steam in a box that I bought and I have never been without Steam since. Its not rocket science as to why people like Steam. Only other action they could take is to get more publishers to throw their products in box even if Steam option was there as well. If they were actually appealing to publishers to begin with this wouldn't be a problem.

Out of the digital storefronts. How many of them support your servers and let you launch right into a game or have friends list as well. If the others learned to add few more features they might get a few more customers. :)

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topgeareasy2902d ago

the correct headline
"Retail threatens Steam ban"

Saryk2902d ago Show
Matthew942902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

steam is awesome

crappy shops need to STFU just cuz they cant compete.

steam has great deals
shops have rrp

ill go with steam

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