Call of Duty: Black Ops: Top 10 Most Stunning Knife Kills

This arcticle presents the most stunning knife kills in Call of Duty: Black Ops so far. Which one is your favourite?

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Cevapi882898d ago

there is a BIG problem with these videos.....

there are no dinosaurs

Bobbykotickrulesz2898d ago


This game looks like garbage. Rehashed pancakes anyone? C'mon, I made them last year, they're still tasty.

Corepred42898d ago

sorry but aren't people tired of calling the cod series garbage yet? aren't you guys tired of bitching, moaning and complaining already? If you don't like the game fine, move on. Why would you click on a COD article? I never go into any RPG articles or PC articles. Geez.

Winkle922898d ago

But every single one is luck. Get 5+ million people shooting knives at each other for 2 hours a day and you are bound to get a few ridiculously lucky kills.

ilikestuff2898d ago

i get long ranged knifed with the melee knife, its dumb, they need to fix the melee none sense

sickbird2898d ago

i know me to, last night after watching the kill cam the guy didn't even come close to hitting me but i died. I get knifed from 10 ft away all the time.

AllroundGamer2898d ago

that's because Treyarch listened to the gamers, and made the Commando perk from MW2 as a default knife melee attack :D man i hate that slide melee...

ZombieNinjaPanda2898d ago

Call of Duty: First Person Knifer?

Panthers2898d ago

They should just remove melee completely. Ive always hated it.

ilikestuff2898d ago

its good if its done right, resistance had a good melee hit range, black ops however, you can get sniped with a melee

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The story is too old to be commented.