Play a Mario game in reverse - help an evil minion get even

Flytrap writes: "Left to right. Right to left. That's all Enemy 585 knows, all he's ever known.

For seven long years he's been tracking back and forth across his own dusty corner of Happy Jump Land, waiting for an absolution that will never come. His brothers have been butt-slammed to death by the resident platforming mascot, his dark master pitched to a fiery doom. Pity him.

Or, if you prefer, help him out. In Nitrome's latest screwy reinterpretation of a classic gaming formula, players take charge of a philanthropic cluster of blocks, steered with the arrow keys and rotated with space bar.

The idea is to help Enemy 585 find his way back from what would, in a Mario game, be the final boss level to what would, in a Mario game, be the opener, plugging gaps and blocking hazards."

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