My Xbox 360 S: Minutes From Failure

NowGamer: I’ve always been a bit sensitive to noise, timbre and sound in general. Though I have no childhood memories before about age eight, it is part of family lore that after the first day of playschool I refused to go back as it was “too noisy.” This has continued into adult life, where I will wince with a finger in the ear as the garage door opens, or leap reflexively out the window if stoneware collides on the draining board.

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Tuxedo_Mask2950d ago

Michael Douglas as Graeme Nicholson

AAACE52950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Everyone keeps waiting for the Xbox 360 to continue dying, i'll give you the real reason for the initial failure that no one wanted to tell you...

The Xbox 360 was designed to use the HD-DVD tech. MS decided to remove the format so they didn't have to put out a $500-$600 console!

The hd-dvd format would have been able to run at a slower speed than the regular dvd which would have reduced heat in the console. MS figured that running a higher speed dvd drive and using compression tech, they could produce good looking games, which they were able to do! The theory was that running a high speed dvd drive wouldn't heat the console up too much. As a precaution, they added another fan, which is why the older 360's had 2 fans.

Long story short, if MS had have used the hd-dvd format, the games would look and sound better, the system would have been more reliable, Ps3 wouldn't have such a graphical edge and the HD format wars might have went in a different direction. Having hd-dvd in the 360 would have drove the price up and would have probably hurt sales, but it could have gave hd-dvd the boost that it needed and blu-ray might have been dead in the water, especially when (at the time) developers were saying you could do more with hd-dvd because of read speeds and features.

Since then, MS have redesigned the internal parts of the console to work fine, so we probably won't be seeing any massive failure numbers for the 360. The systems run cooler, and all of the 360's made in late 2008 up until before the slim released ran much cooler than the older models. I haven't had too much experience with the newer ones, but I assume they perform the same way!

I'm sorry, I know this will be misunderstood by many and will probably give fanboys something new to b*tch about, but I had to get it out!

Active Reload2950d ago

"Ps3 wouldn't have such a graphical edge and the HD format wars might have went in a different direction."

You mean a slight graphical edge in one or two games.

UnwanteDreamz2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

"You mean a slight graphical edge in one or two games.

Wow desperate much? Dude just gave an opinion. Does that bother you so much you have to change his words? Pathetic

darthv722950d ago

Sounds logical. They still had the chance to retro units once the HD format competition was finished.

The number of systems sold since that time is far greater than the ones prior. I am thinking at it like Sony did for the PSP. Those who got the 1000 series may have gotten the original but it certainly is inferior to the upgraded 2000/3000.

Sony took a risk and it paid off for them. They dont even look back at the 1000 anymore. It is 2000/3000 because of double internal memory, better screen, better battery life, etc.

MS could have taken a risk with the existing owners possibly being pissed off but new users getting a better system. Not to mention those who always want to have the latest and greatest trading up.

Where did all those drives go??? I have one and use it for upscaling dvd's instead of wearing down the internal drive. Oh the what if's.....what if this, what if that.....

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NexGen2950d ago

In other news: Author is brought to tears from the noise of Rice Krispies!

MorganX2950d ago

The 360 and Kinect must be doing well. :/

KingME2950d ago

Another episode of "Psyco Fanboys of the Internet."

This article is just a bunch of rambling.

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AngryEnglish2950d ago

Seriously...... is this really worth any attention at all? if that article was posted on here as a reply to someone or any other article, he would instantly be the TROLL...

What a douche

digoutyoursoul82950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

ps3 fanboy central here, what do you expect?

corneliuscrust2950d ago

But even they know that this article is FUD

hadouken0072950d ago

Fanboys cause we don't wanna waste our money on a system that's fa who gonna die,u sir are false.

Owner360-PS32950d ago

I stopped reading when I got to " i put my finger in my ear for a garage door", freakin pansy.

NexGen2950d ago

Exactly. I don't know what the author's point is, other than he has mental problems.

FordGTGuy2950d ago

drag this guy to a military air show.

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