Wii successor to use next-generation PowerPC CPU?

New evidence suggests that the Wii's successor may utilize the world's fastest embedded processor, contrary to previous rumours that it would make use of the Cell chip.

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ChickeyCantor2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

"The CPU runs at the impressive clock speed of 1.6 GHz, and is fabricated in a 45 nanometre process. Up to 16 cores can be crammed onto a single chip while taking up half the space a single (and far less powerful) Broadway does."

First i was like 1.6? Then i was like 16 cores?!
And now im like =D...

And since it support full legacy code its easier for developers to unlock its power.

But rumor is rumor as is rumor stays rumor.

"If the technical mumbo jumbo is too much for you, allow me to put it into simpler words: the PowerPC 476FP is realistically able to provide an incredible amount of processing power that is quite possibly well beyond even the PlayStation 3′s Cell while being just as easy to program for as the Wii, and retains full backwards compatibility with its games."

O god...incoming Ps3 terror....

jack_burt0n2896d ago

"incoming ps3 terror"

really? u gonna set aside any actual discussion about technology and kick off with ur insecurities!?

said it before will say it again the wii consumer will not buy a new machine till the old one breaks, like a toaster or a blender.

and you should be worried about how much nintendo will pay for bluray in their next machine rather than its cpu :) LOL

ChickeyCantor2896d ago

I stopped reading after your first sentence.
I was just simply stating that it was enough to trigger another pointless "fanboy" rage.

turok2896d ago

"and you should be worried about how much nintendo will pay for bluray in their next machine rather than its cpu :) LOL"

Wut fool still believes that? Who is still thinking that nintendo will adopt blu ray? I want all those who think that come here. I will shoot u down with the bullet known as "common sense". u cant be serious jack i think u missed the /s tag there buddy. Surely a slightly competent user of n4g like urself cant be seriously thinking that the Big N wud adopt blu ray? wut lol. I dont know when gaming started for u kid but u obviously fresh. ninty will never do that, much to the chagrin of most nintendo followers. I know how great blu ray is.

but sadly that fantasy wont happen till Wii3 happens. no chance for wii2. why? look at nintendo's history newbie gamer. when the cd came out did ninty go for it? hell no stuck to cartridges. wut about dvd? nope not that one either instead they did a minidvd propriety to not pay fees and save money. heck right now hd-dvd is much more likely for wii2 than blu ray. and thats assuming if ninty feels like upgrading from dvd.

insecurities? u seem to be the one insecure here. i cud care less wut u say right now that quote makes u an ignorant gamer in my eyes and as an old school gamer i have no respect for the new gen such as urself.

lastly, dont do a " :} " when ur making urself pretty stupid its not cool and it impresses nobody. if anything all u earn is joining an exclusive club of mine known as "the ignorelist" and pity. pity to those who know not and are in need of knowing.

nintendo is unpredictable but this i can be sure of as i know them all too well over the years. blu ray is a dream for the ninty fans. im content with wut i got that and i do got a ps3. but otherwise... yeah kid blu ray no. not gonna happen its gonna be some bs propriety format just like the wii propriety dvd.

Titanz2896d ago

Thats music to every Nintendo fans ears(Full backwards compatibility).

Titanz2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Nintendo won't use the chip, or false that the chip isn't more powerful than the cell?

Active Reload2896d ago

If Ninty doesn't use this I'll skip their next console...maybe,lol.

Samus HD2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

all I know is that they won't do the same mistake ( if it was a mistake ) they did with the Wii - I mean not anymore powerless comparing to playstation or xbox etc

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