Gran Turismo 5 "Available Now"

Don´t know what is happening with SONY right now, but the PR person assigned to GRAN TURISMO 5 must be a walking zombie with the overload of information leaking about the GAME, but the best PR that SONY has done to advertise GRAN TURISMO 5 must be within The Sly Collection the remastered collection.

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Nitrowolf22899d ago

I wish, it's obvious that these were printed and made way before they delayed GT5.

jizzyjones2899d ago

That and in EU sly is set for a dec 3rd release, same as gt5? who knows

deafwing2899d ago

I don't really care - the game is out when it's out.

Aquanox2898d ago

Hahaha... worst PR EVER is what has been behind GT5

OneSneakyMofo2898d ago

You know what I just thought of? Maybe Sony's delaying this game on PURPOSE.

Look at all the articles that are popping up talking about the release game. People are getting PISSED; that means the hype is hitting its highest point. The longer we wait and know it's coming soon, the more we'll want the game.

It's the perfect hype driver albeit evil.

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morkendo232899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )


was in gamestop retailer today wed. nov. 10th
asked a friend who work there THEY dont KNOW!!! the release date as of yet. they only have GT5 jacket in display case title "COMING SOON"

Heartnet2899d ago

A Racoon theif a liar... im sure he is upset with you :(

KillerPwned2899d ago

(I wish, it's obvious that these were printed and made way before they delayed GT5.)

That sir is exactly what i was thinking. This site is just trying to get people hyped up more.

Tapewurm2898d ago

wish it were available too, but who knows?? All logic has seemed to fly out the window regarding this release....the game is going to be epic and I am willing to wait for however long they need to get it right....just quit dangling a release date in front of us every few months and then changing it days before it was supposed to release :(

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CleanUP-CharliE2899d ago

This wait is becoming a never ending nightmare. Insanity!!!


nix2899d ago

these news are much better than COD glitches and patches news.

CleanUP-CharliE2899d ago

lol Agreed.

I missed out on Black Ops.. i played all the COD i had to play in my lifetime through COD4-MW2.

Instead i bought the DFGT wheel a month ago, anticipating GT5 of course.. and now i'm refreshing every gaming website every 34.5 seconds!

I also bought Grid, F1 2010, MAG and Midnight Club if GT5 pulls out a 2011 insanity.

Masterchef20072899d ago

you know this waiting game is getting a lot of people to talk about GT5. Heck its even bigger than the Gears 3 delay announcement

acedoh2899d ago

what I was thinking. This game is getting much more publicity than if it already released. And as they say in the media all publicity is good... no matter how bad.

ChilliDemon2899d ago

I'm wondering why, if they CAN release before Christmas, they haven't announced the new date yet? It's only weeks away now.

Jdoki2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Here's my speculation...

PD missed the deadline to supply Sony with the GT5 Gold code(by 3 days iirc)

As a result Sony lost their slots at the Blu-Ray production plants they had booked.

Sony have been renegotiating with the production facilities and juggling other production runs to get GT5 back in the queue asap.

As a result Sony CAN'T tell us a release date, as they don't get have everything in order for a successful launch.

I would imagine that Sony are getting GT5 cranked out as we speak - but until they have the logistics in place to a) get all the copies they need pressed, b) sorted out the transporting and stocking, and c) sorted out new marketing materials etc, we won't hear anything until the very last minute.

Remember in the past Sony used air-freight rather than boat to get PS2's in to the market place at the last minute - at huge cost.

Right now I suspect there are some very stressed people working in Sony's logistics department. I expect about 1 weeks notice on the launch date for GT5.

frostypants2899d ago

The discs have already been pressed. That began at least a week ago.

Theonik2899d ago

The problem is in re-booking advertising slots. That has to be done months in advance. Sony is holding back from announcing a new date in fear of another delay until copies are in stores. (next week this happens) So hold tight. 24th sounds like a credible date now.

ChilliDemon2899d ago

Jdoki, thanks for that. What you say sounds reasonable and plausible.

moparful992899d ago

Im banking on a november 30th release.. Tuesday after black friday. Remember black friday is the "official" start of the holiday shopping season and only the foolhardy go out on black friday.. Most people will spend the next coupld of weeks after black friday to do their shopping(here in the states) So I've got all my money on that day.. Fingers crossed that i'm right..

Theonik2898d ago

HA! I was right! I demand a cookie!

moparful992898d ago

Lol wednesday is just such a weird day to release a game.. Why not tuesday the 23rd? Tuesday's are typically the release days for new games... Of course polyphony digital has always marched to the beat of their own drum.... Either way I award you a cookie and a golf clap.

*Light clapping*

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Newtype2899d ago

LOL, printed Sly when GT5 had Nov 2nd release date...they didn't revise the Sly manual.

Theonik2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Fission mailed.

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